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If you are a student and struggling a lot with your classes or you are studying a lot but not been able to get good grades to impress your teachers and parents? you are in aright place because if you are reading this, you are definitely looking to improve and what is better than following the set of rules that assure your success at this level. So, without further delay let’s move to the golden rules and more golden rules at 67goldenrules.

Rule: 1 Take notes

Always take notes when you are attending a lecture from your chemistry teacher or English literature teacher. with this habit, you will be able to write difficult concepts in your own words and will help you a lot when preparing for final exams.

Rule: 2 Not just academics that works

If you are doing well in your class with your academics and not learning anything outside the class, you are doing a very bad job. a good student learns more outside the class, take a closer look of the world you are surrounded by and absorb knowledge as much as possible.

Rule: 3 Be focused

No matter what circumstances of life you are in, whether bad or good, always remain positive because at this level, bad circumstances can easily play with your future. Just don’t buy what these conditions are offering and carry on with your studies.

Rule: 4 Ask For Help

Take as much time as you like to solve a problem you are facing, but don’t be stubborn and ask for help to get out of that situation quickly. It is not about that you should not solve your problems on your own but after trying everything if you are not able to solve it, then move on with it and call for help.

Rule: 5 Impress your teachers

Introduce yourself to your teachers and stay close to them. Also, impress them with your capabilities, for example, if you are studying an economics topic in the class you can write an article on the most effective economic policy or you can also write an article on economic problems of your country and mail it to your teacher. In this way, your teacher will know your capabilities and you will get a good response from the teacher in the class and outside.

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