Why choose colour coated steel for buildings?

Posted by Sunil Srivastava on November 29th, 2018

Colour coated steel protects corrosion and leaves a long lasting appearance. It makes unique building material. Such sheets are widely used in manufacturing, construction and automotive industries. Pre-engineered applications make use of colour coated roofing sheets. It is because of its durability, flexibility, and high resistivity during harsh weathers, they are the preferred lot, as compared to the others.

The construction industry commonly uses coated steel in walls and roofs. Steels coated with colours have several interesting features. Most of them are waterproof and tamper proof with a durable coating. They can be painted as per customer interests and are economical to use. It has the strength of zinc and aluminium coatings that can be pressed, punched, rolled and joined into various structural components.

Some of the reasons for choosing colour coated steel for buildings are as follows:

  • Provides innovate aesthetics – Architects and interior designers use innovative designs with a large variety of colours and shapes. It makes the building look appealing. It is a great way to convert the traditional cultural building into something modern and nice.

  • Easy to work – Colour coated sheets combine benefits of being lightweight and strong at the same time. The material is extremely durable. Workers on the construction site find it easy to handle such sheets during renovations and extensions.

  • Completely recyclable – Pre-engineered metal building companies prefer colour coated sheets that are environmentally friendly. They can be re-melted and processed into steel products without compromising its quality. This turns out to be an economic and environmentally sustainable solution.

  • Guaranteed performance – Some companies manufacturing colour coated steel offer an extensive guarantee. They claim to have the highest weather tolerances with perfect consistency. It is as per international standards and accepted worldwide.

  • Maintenance free – Buildings that use colour coated steel can do away with regular maintenance. Such sheets do not require regular cleaning as they are protected and galvanised before installation. Zinc provides protection to avoid paint peel off and rust.

  • Easy to install – Colour coated sheets are manufactured in factories. Installation and final set-up happen on the site. Its components are light-in-weight that makes it easy to carry on-site and install whenever required.

  • Protects from harmful rays – Colour coated sheets offers protection from harmful ultra-violet rays and infrared rays. Buildings that do not use such sheets often suffer from early wear and tear. Such sheets have an average lifespan of 70 years.

Apart from buildings, portable cabin manufacturers prefer to use colour coated steel during construction of cabins. This makes the cabin look attractive. Clients can choose colour combinations from the available colour schemes. There are many more advantages of using such sheets. Most of them offer resistance to peeling and flaking. This means no matter how old the building is, colour coated steel would always make it look young and good.

Colour coated steel is not limited to buildings and constructional structures. It can be used for industrial or domestic roofing, wall cladding, warehouses, office furniture, industrial furniture, railway coaches, luxury coaches, airports, malls and showrooms. Different industries have understood the importance of colour coated steel, which is why it has become the most preferred material for construction.

The usage of colour coated steel has increased in recent times. Construction engineers believe that while choosing colours, customers often look for silver coated sheets. Apart from silver, bottle green, brick red, sky blue and navy blue are the most preferred colours.

Sunil Srivastava is a Business Partner at New Life Steel Structures, a leading organization having expertise into the manufacturing of pre-engineered metal building . The company has been a leading portable cabin manufacturers in India for 2 decades constructing multiple steel structures with the varied budget in different geographies and operating with a strong sense of work ethics, pride and integrity.

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