What is Private Cloud Hosting? How it Benefits the Businesses?

Posted by eHosting DataFort on November 29th, 2018

Businesses are increasingly leaning on cloud-based solutions for their hosting needs. Two of the main kinds of cloud hosting are public cloud and private cloud hosting. Public cloud is the most common type  of cloud hosting, however, private cloud hosting are also fast catching up among businesses for the unique benefits it offers.


What is Private Cloud Hosting?

Private cloud hosting offers good degree of flexibility, scalability, and performance apart from providing greater levels of control and security. The two of the chief methods of private cloud hosting are in-house or at a provider’s data center. Most businesses choose the latter, as it’s very cost-effective and does not require them to maintain a full-time IT staff to manage servers. The server network for private cloud hosting is not as vast as the public server network. Usually, a private cloud hosting network operates in clusters. There are multiple servers running simultaneous versions of your website, and resources can be drawn from several sources upon requirement.

Advantages of Private Cloud Hosting

Private cloud hosting provides you with majority of the benefits of public cloud hosting, apart from giving you greater control and security. There are several ways to create private clouds to assist large-scale businesses that require higher levels of security. By opting for in-house private cloud hosting, businesses can enjoy a lot of security. In fact, by utilizing a host provider for private cloud, businesses will get higher levels of control as well.

High security is a given

Dissimilar to public shared hosting, you will not be sharing the physical server environments with anyone else. This increases the security of your network on various levels. So, this is the main advantage of private cloud hosting.

Improved customization options

In private cloud hosting you are the sole user on your server setup. So, you will be able to completely customize it according to your liking, including server hardware, software, operating system and much more.

Very much reliable

 Cloud hosting networks are very reliable as well. When you are using a private cloud hosting network there are no chances of your site being brought down by other sites on the network. This way you can work in a smooth manner without any disruptions.

How Businesses Will Benefit From Private Cloud Hosting?

Private cloud hosting requires extensive effort, money and resources to setup and manage. However, the benefits on offer are worth every penny and time spent. The high performance, security, customization and flexibility are very hard to get with other types of hosting. The decisive factor in choosing public or private cloud hosting is your overall budget and hosting goals. Not all the sites having a high volume of traffic require the improved levels of control and security offered by private cloud hosting.

Useful for safeguarding sensitive info

In case, your site deals with sensitive customer and user information, then you should ideally opt for a private cloud hosting setup. Apart from providing higher level of security, you’ll also be able to easily manage all your data the way you want.

Lastly, if you’ve been toying with the idea of using a dedicated server with increased flexibility, then a private cloud hosting environment can be perfect for you. Private cloud hosting offers a great solution for high-level businesses that require a scalable and reliable hosting option, and also have the monetary health to support such a high-level network.

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