Cyber security Shortage Impact on Technology Innovation

Posted by FluperAppDevelopment on November 30th, 2018

In the last few years, technology and cyber threats have evolved tremendously. In present times, cyber threats are becoming more advanced and stronger day by day. In fact, cybersecurity threats are becoming more and more massive & posing a dangerous threat to people, organizations, and companies. Implementing security best practices in mobile app development includes the use of source code scanning strategies. Cybersecurity is the process of protecting data, computers and various kinds of programs from illegitimate access or attacks which are done with an aim of misuse.

Just have a look at how technology has affected cybersecurity –

Corporate Security Breaches

When hackers exploit employees through social engineering and scams than there exist high chances of corporate security breaches. As technology is growing day by day, hackers are becoming more skilled in finding cracks in the corporate security system and then gain access to protected data and posing a significant cybersecurity threat. In a report, it was predicted that 2012 was the record year for corporate security breaches.

Spear Phishing

It is often seen regular phishing emails often target random people, the culprit that normally lead spear phishing scams. Such kind of scams occurs when hackers target employees through emails that appear to be from their own organizations or their colleagues. Cybercriminals often use social media to engage in identity theft schemas and entice persons to download codes or to reveal passwords. According to experts, experienced hackers can easily hack social media accounts and use that information to access your email account, work email account or banking information. Usually, the average user shares a lot of information on social media sites and such kind of information is just enough to find the opportunity & steal your identity.

Social Media Security Breaches

Social media is not the only one channel through which hackers can access your personal information but there are also various sites that share your exact whereabouts at any point in time. The social media network Foursquare allows users to “check in” to the places they visit such as school, work, restaurants, Movie Theater.  Anyone can tell where you are and at what time of day, just by looking at your profile. We all better know that mobile technology is continuously emerging and the same thing goes with mobile cyber security threats.

Data has gone digital

In these digital days, hardcore information is increasingly less common. The information that is stored on a shared network is often protected by a password. Due to this, hackers can gain access to the network & obtain valuable information that can put individuals at risk. Due to security threats, various businesses are shifting to cloud computing to protecting important documents. As technology is continuously emerging, it is becoming crucial for companies to implement security precautions.

Advanced Employee Training

We all better know that the Smartphone market is expanding day by day and the people are becoming more technologically savvy as technology develops. Company’s workforce understands the cybersecurity issues and this is the reason they are giving proper training to employees. Consequently, employees use this information to get information from their database or on-company shared servers.


In the present era of technology, hackers are taking the practice to the next level and attempting to reach websites with a large number of visitors in order to affect as many people as possible. For such types of activities, large websites and companies are at a higher online security risk. Because of security threats, app developers have to stay alert and vigilant in order to protect app users.


A botnet is a number of computers set up to forward information to other computers. In the past times, botnets were used to take email and password credentials and that was quite useful for spammers. With the advancements in technology, botnets are collecting more data from computers such as name, age, address, financial information.

What’s the solution to this?

With each passing day, technology will keep on advancing and we can’t give in these cybercriminals. Well, there are various common solutions that are included staying alerted at all times so you should educate yourself with basic knowledge of not letting spam message damage your computer.

What can organizations do?

Organizations should provide adequate training to the staff and take up some fundamental measures. Besides this, companies should install SSL certificate on its web server that helps to set up a secure connection with the browser. Android app development companies mainly focus on their apps so that they can provide the best services to users.

What can individuals do?

It is recommended by experts to visit only trusted websites. Besides this, they should also learn the art of identifying email spams & never reply to spam messages. Also, don’t click on suspicious links.

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