Sichuan Airlines new Stylish Uniform Prior To Brand New A350 Arrival

Posted by kuailai99 on November 30th, 2018

Sichuan Airlines new Stylish Uniform Prior To Brand New A350 Arrival Sichuan Airlines has officially released the company’s seventh-generation flight attendant uniform. The new uniform adopts the classic red and black color scheme, which combines the enthusiasm and calmness of the performance. The interpretation of the classics of the Sichuan Airlines shows the elegance and the beauty of the agility. It is understood that this dress-up is part of the “Panda Routes” program of Sichuan Airlines, which aims to show the international image of the beautiful Sichuan Airlines.上海到廣州 Inspired by the theme color of Sichuan Airlines, Sichuan Airlines Red, the main style is a red seven-point sleeve dress, black belt, shallow collar, red and black “pleat” folds on the chest.

The overall line of the red dress is simple and smooth, showing the professional manner of the Chuanhang flight attendants. The erect collar sets off the elegant temperament of the flight attendants; the black lines inject a rational and calm trait into the garment; the “pleats” folds naturally move when walking, conveying the beauty of the agility. Taking into account the professional characteristics of the flight attendant, the sleeves are designed with the slender sleeves and the hem of the skirt is slightly closed, leaving enough activity margin for the flight attendants to carry out service operations in the cabin.

The designer chose the black hat as the accessory, the black is generous and calm, the red is warm and the classic color combination is bright and steady, and it echoes the black belt. The shape of the hat has a soft curvature, which makes the facial lines beautiful and delicate; the golden edge of the cap is buckled on the brim, which illuminates the overall shape with luster and color. The uniform jacket is a suit style, with two types of red and black. The hem is warm and soft with a ruffled waist, which highlights the waist curve. The winter coat is a black long wool coat that is warm and comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that as an airline famous for its on-board cuisine, Sichuan Airlines has also spent a lot of thoughts on the design of the flight attendant apron, breaking through the traditional apron style, incorporating lively and playful panda shape and pattern design, with great affinity and rich Sichuan. The men’s uniform design is dominated by elegant gentleman style, the shirt is white lapels, red striped style, capable and energetic; suit vest is designed for the slanting waist, a touch of red on the blazer pocket echoes the dress of the female flight attendant.

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