Evolution and Adaptation of Web to Print Software: The Journey So Far

Posted by Pratik Shah on November 30th, 2018

Welcome to the era when Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart have made ordering goods as easy as a snap of a finger. Every few days, they come up with new ways of running their business. Today, we will provide you with information about how some major web to print software providers proved that companies can get profits for their print business through their solutions.

Web to Print Success Stories

Let’s look into a success story that took place in the year 2009. Two individuals named Rohan Malhotra and Varun Agrawal wished to have a sweatshirt with their school’s name. They established an Alma matter whose goal was to provide alumni and students with the facility to express their pride in being a part of their respective institutions. To find a solution, they decided to make the most out of the web to print technology.

National Process Label – a Gujarat based National Process Label that specializes in metal labels launched an ecommerce platform for online sales of industrial label solutions. It is growing by leaps and bounds. All the above-mentioned companies along with PrintStop, Vistaprint, and Perfact have implemented Web-to-print solutions in the best way.

The Web to Print Wave

A few years ago, web to print technology was just an FTP site. However, the concept started receiving more popularity as and when ecommerce and commercial printing firms started looking for better revenue streams. Also, it started transforming the experiences of customers by providing them with he much needed personalization in the most effective, user-friendly and cost-effective way.

According to some research studies, 30% of print received online orders globally. In the year 2017, it reached 50%. Which means, that one out of two customers ordered for customized products online. A study by Ernst & Young proved that online buyers in India are no different than the ones in the USA.

Naresh Bordia, the Managing Director of a company named Radixweb and the brain behind OnPrintShop said that “At PrintPack, my company recorded 3,500 walk-ins and 650 meetings with 20 sales confirmation after the show and approximately 30 in process.”

Challenges of Web to Print Adaptation in India

As we all know, the process of the web to print involves absolute automation. However, some entrepreneurs are reluctant to accept it due to factors like costs and resources involved in having an IT team that can continually help with the upgradation and maintenance of the software. The off the shelf software do add a lot of value but they do not provide with the expected ROI.

There are other confusions like whether or not the customers would order online, how they would start with their business, which vendors to deal with and how to go about integration and migration. According to Nidhi Agrawal, one of the authorities at Design N Buy, “One of the biggest challenges that web to print providers face is that they need to offer superior quality web to print software at marginal costs.”

Companies like Brush Your Ideas also offer their customers with SaaS-based solutions so that the customers can access their software remotely through the web and manage it based on the objectives of their business.

Web to Print: Ecommerce Influence

The developers of different print design tools have the experience of integrating multiple payment and shipping gateways in the software. They also provide the clients with the option to choose the technology that suits the best with their platform. Most of these solutions offer secure payment transactions wherein the providers do not collect the payment information but it gathers directly on the payment gateway websites.

The Mobile First Approach

According to a popular venture capital, there are almost 2 billion people who use smartphones having touch screen and internet. With every passing decade, this number is doubling up. (9-11%) This means that print shop owners need to make the most out of this wave in the digital space. They need to make their print shops mobile friendly so that their customers can personalize their products on the go.

However, several ecommerce store owners believe that even after the inclusion of mobile-oriented web to print software, very few of these technologies have been able to solve substantial purposes. There’s a dire need for an all the software to be able to work on mobile-first and also work seamlessly on tablets and laptops.

Concluding Thoughts…

Although the web to print industry has evolved over the years and there is a huge transformation in the way in which we manage data files of customers, it is necessary to understand, analyze, and measure how the print industry has benefitted from it. Through tangible results, we would be able to evolve more and take web-to-print concepts to the next level.

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