How to Choose a Translation Company in Dubai?

Posted by NaushadKhan on November 30th, 2018

Translation agencies in Dubai are an integral part of the fabric of both the business and civil communities, as a multilingual and multicultural city, translations are the adhesive bond that ties the different businesses, organizations and most of all people together, making Dubai a fertile ground for the foundation of cutting-edge local translation companies in addition to providing a unique business opportunity for the expansion of international ones to the local market. 

1-       Reputation and good word of mouth, there are numerous smaller offices that only offer one shot translations without revision or proofreading, don’t let the price be the only deciding factor, but balance it along with quality.

2-       International accreditations, there are many international accreditations awarded to translation companies specific to the field as well as general ones, ISO 17100 is an example.

3-      Internal process: make sure that the translation company can prove that they have a complete process, including translation, revision, proofreading, Desktop publishing if required and QA prior to delivery.

4-      Payment terms: different companies offer different payment terms and credit facilities, make sure to choose one that is compatible with your company’s payment cycle and procedures.

5-      Translation warranty: make sure to choose a company that provides you with a guarantee to amend any documents according to your feedback after the initial delivery, and that they are responsive and attentive when it comes to the issues you raise.

6-      Translation technology: for sizable projects and for consistency, you need to hire companies that are able to work with TMs (Translation Memories) which is not to be confused with machine translations, translation memories are basically a data bank for all the translations human translators did for your projects, if there is similar text in different files or even different paragraphs within the same file, the computer will suggest the use of the same translation that was already translated, improving efficiency, reducing time and increasing both consistency and quality, this in addition to the use of project glossaries of course.

7-      Translation also encompasses sub specialties, including Banking and Finance, Medical, Automotive, Commercial Disputes, Corporates, Employment, Engineering and Construction, Criminal Defense, Chemical Sectors, Information Technology (IT), Insurance, Litigation, Arbitration and International Trade. Etc. You need to choose a company adept in translating your desired field.

8-      Legal translation requirements: Legal and certified translations require very specialist knowledge; the wording of these types of document is very exact and can have no ambiguity.  It requires detailed and specific knowledge of the subtleties of the laws in both source and target languages, with thousands of documents going through Dubai courts and legal system every day the need for a well-qualified and certified legal translation agency is imperative if you have any legal translation needs

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