Celine changed the new LOGO bag to become ugly

Posted by alice on November 30th, 2018

After changing the new creative director HediSlimane,Designer Fashion Replica Celine Bags emptied the contents of the official website and the official ins, and replaced it with a new brand logo, indicating that the new Celine is coming.

Speaking of the newly appointed creative director HediSlimane, many people should be familiar.
Because his resume has always been a sparkle: the last job was the creative director of SaintLaurentParis, and then he was in charge of Dior Homme for seven years, and he turned the dark, thin and windy clothing into a single piece of love.

Hedi designed DiorHomme and SaintLaurent organ bag
At the same time, HediSlimane's temper is also very "willful". This time, Celinelogo is not his first creation. As early as 2012, when he first joined YvesSaintLaurent, he quickly changed the name and logo of their family. Hot discussion.

The official Replica Celine Handbags official also explained that the source of inspiration for the new logo is the logo used by the tribute brand when it was founded in 1960. The additional symbols are more simple and modern, and the proportion is more balanced.

But unfortunately, with the departure of PheobePhilo, these classic bags have become "out of print".
Two days ago, LadyGaga stylist TomEerebout said that the bag that Gaga had recently participated in during the event was a new work after Celine changed director. Many Celine powders expressed disappointment because this new bag could not see the features of Celine. On the contrary, it is similar to the classic models of Hermes, Parisian family, SaintLaurent and many other brands... What do you think of this?

Replica Discount Burberry Handbags, which has always been known for its British style, also announced 'reformed' last month.
The new brand image was designed by Peter Saville Studio. The obvious feature is that the knight pattern has been removed, the whole has become "fat", and "LONDONENGLAND" has been added under the brand name.

Speaking of the brand's style of painting, Burberry's feelings for the past are more retro and British, especially his classic windbreaker and checkered scarf, versatile and beautiful.

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