Celine's most beautiful blue bag hits this summer, let the blue decorate your lo

Posted by alice on November 30th, 2018

Celine is definitely one of the most powerful bag brands in recent years. It is not only popular among fashion bloggers and street photographers, but also makes many female stars become brain powder.

In my opinion, Fake Cheap Celine Handbag is fascinating not only in the simple design of the biased cold wind. It also conveys the confidence and elegance of women. No wonder so many stars love it. However, in recent days, after Celine released the new bag series of 2018 autumn and winter, it has risen to a higher level in my heart. Because it is so beautiful!

In the 2018 autumn and winter series, Celine actually walked up the selling route, all kinds of tender yellow, mint green, pink blue and so on. The sweet and lovely macarons are just awesome! The general brand only launches light-colored models in spring and summer. Does this also indicate that the light-colored system is going to be hot in autumn and winter? This year, the real shine. Many brands of classic models have launched a blue style! Blue comes with a refreshing temperament that is perfect for summer. Then today we will take a look at these fresh and breathable blue Cheap Fashion Fake Bags!

Since Replica Burberry Handbags changed Wu Yifan as a spokesperson, the brand image is younger. The bags released this year are very popular. Among them are beautiful and practical backpacks. The point is that this bag also has a blue color, changing the dull feeling of the color of the previous shoulder bag.

In addition to the just released autumn and winter collections, Celine's spring and summer collections also occupy a large number of blues. Of course, compared to the new series, this series is relatively cold and gray, with a hint of cold. If you like Celine's minimalist coolness and want a color bag other than black and white, this color is definitely the first choice.

Loewe should not have to say more about the extent of the three fires this year. Especially the Puzzle series and the Hammock series. I was simply screened by the female stars in the entertainment circle!
The classic origami shape and the random switching of different back methods make it easy to create a variety of street styles. And the capacity is very large, beautiful and practical!

As a neutral hue, the blue style attribute spans a lot. Adding pink is cute and fresh, adding a touch of gray is a literary savvy. If you want to buy a bag other than the common colors this year, I believe that my blue is definitely the first choice! !

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