5 Benefits of Blended Call Center You Should be Aware of

Posted by Neha Gupta on December 1st, 2018

Utilizing the time of agents is currently one of the most challenging aspects of the call center industry. Often, call center supervisors can be seen distributing and redistributing resources repeatedly to different departments and operations. As a result, precious time is wasted doing these arduous tasks thereby, affecting the overall productivity of the related call centers. The solution? Blended call centers.

What is a Blended Call Center?

A blended call center is one where agents both make and receive calls to meet the demands of strategic dictate. The combination of predictive dialing for outbound calls with automatic call distribution for incoming calls results in each agent effectively handling the work overflow of the other, thus making each agent’s time that much efficient. Also, this combination of calls helps in adding variety to the day and make the job less boring.

Apart from offering the blend of their inbound and outbound campaigns, blended call centers also come with a wide range of features such as-

a)Intelligent Dialer Function

b)Call Barge-In

c)Live Reporting and Analytics

d)Call Recording

e)Agents Extensions

f)Call Transfer

g)Support for Work-at-Home Agents

Armed with these features, blended call centers offer an upper hand to businesses, lending them efficiency and agility, regardless of the scale of their operations. Let’s talk about these benefits in detail,

1) Higher Efficiency Rates

Blended call center agents have a habit of working in complete harmony with each other to provide the best solutions for their client’s business, whenever call volumes get high or there is a call overflow.

Not only this, but blended professionals can also run an outbound campaign for businesses whenever it requires them to run a marketing campaign for a specific time-frame. Another plus point is this uniformity in handling responsibilities teach them to work more efficiently along with ensuring zero-idle time.

2) Flexible Nature

With the help of technologically advanced tools such as automated call handling, IVR etc. blended call centers can easily provide a level of comfort that is much hard to match by its competitors. This is because agents know how to work together in order to smoothen out the whole customer serving process. By being available 24/7 for the customers, these agents use their expertise to render the ultimate level of service experience.

3) Highly Skilled Team

One major drawback of offering either inbound or outbound call center service is that the agents will only be versed in handling one sort of customers while on the other hand, a blended call center service harbors a team of highly-skilled individuals proficient in handling both inbound and outbound calls.

Moreover, these agents are quite skillful in providing valuable insight about customers and are in a much better position to help you plan your business model accordingly.

4) Prioritising Customer Satisfaction

The average hold time is reduced significantly once you let the proficient experts of blended call centers handle calls and offer innovative solutions to their problems. It is also because of this reduced hold time; customer issues can now be retorted much more swiftly. Not to mention the efficiency and effectiveness with which the customers will be served and a strong brand value established.

5) Low Turnover Rate

Last but not the least, these job roles lend a positive attitude to the agents as they are tended to change on a constant basis. Furthermore, this prompts them to work more comfortably and enthusiastically.

Though there is some uncertainty, the positive work routine offers an exciting work environment to its agents. And the happier the employees are, lower will be their turnover rate and as a result, more trustworthy they will appear to partner with.

End Thoughts:

As we have learned so far, blended contact centers provide a perfect balance of both inbound and outbound services. Though we are not underestimating the advantages of running a dedicated inbound or outbound call center here, a blended one brings the best out of both the worlds for the employees, customers and the call centers in itself.

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