What are the Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Posted by Amos Fred on December 2nd, 2018

There are several reasons the epoxy coating marketing is approaching the billion evaluation threshold. By 2024, the industry will surpass that glass ceiling, according to Grand Research Gate. The major reasons for the growth come from the five fundamental advantages of using epoxy floor coating solutions.

Let’s start on the surface, shall we?

Aesthetic Brilliance

With its characteristic clean, glossy and sparkling surface, epoxy flooring coats radiate professionalism, neatness, and a lingering aura of organized elegance whenever and wherever applied.

You can also choose from a variety of decorative varieties to suit your taste or branding. Select unique patterns and textures to make your epoxy floor safe—curbing sliding and slipping tendencies even when its moist from say, cleaning. No need for expensive carpets.

Floor Protection

Moist concrete or other floor types broom fungi and bacteria, leading the floor and surface to become a health hazard, chip away, and start cracking. Epoxy flooring is impermeable to water and other liquids, making it easy to protect the base floor from turning into a bacteria or fungi haven.

Epoxy coating products seal porous holes on concrete surfaces, curbing the floor from seeping moisture, heat, cold, chemicals and other factors that can lead to cracking or chipping.

In fact, as of February 2018, you can use glass flake epoxy coatings to add more corrosion and abrasion protection on top of your floor.


How long do epoxy floors last?

Of all floor coating products, epoxy offers one of the best floor coating shelf lives, with its longevity outlasting several decades.

The secret, though, is in how you apply the epoxy floor coating. Without proper floor preparation, choosing the highest adhesion rate and compression coating, and application technique, you might have to replace the epoxy coating in just several years or shorter depending on the use of the poorly done surface.

Value for Money

How much do epoxy floor coats cost?

Despite the advantages already discussed above, epoxy floor coating is still cheaper than most floor coating products.

While prices vary between epoxy floor coating manufacturers and installers, you are most likely to find the overall cost of installing epoxy floors is significantly lower than other options, considering immediate purchase price, little maintenance costs, as well as from the long-term usage you’d enjoy.

Again, choosing an experienced and professional epoxy floor services provider can help secure these benefits long-term.

For example, properly applying epoxy floors means you do not have to add much or any mortar or glue, chipping the overall installation price down.

Multi-Industry Use Cases

The automotive industry (as well as commercial and residential garage owners) use epoxy floor products because it is impervious to oil, grease, and rust. It is easier to deal with hard stains. Simply wipe away the spill and set your or your employee’s time free to be productive elsewhere.

Hospitals and other healthcare centers prefer epoxy coats because they inhibit germs’ proliferation unlike wood and pure concrete floors.

And industrial users choose it because spills of any kind can be cleaned up quick and easy because the coating solution is resistant to sticking.

You also can enjoy the best epoxy floor coating advantages by quickly discussing your needs with your epoxy floors service provider.

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