Best Lightweight Gaming Laptops

Posted by on December 2nd, 2018

However, this is an undeniable fact that light and thin gaming laptops could most of the times be more expensive than simple and regular laptops are. Those lightweight laptops have got complex tools and they are made with complete and careful construction. And this is certainly the best thing about the light and comparatively thin gaming laptops. Most of the people prefer having light weighted as well as thin laptops because they are attractive as well as effective to use. Following are some of the best slim and lightweight laptops for gaming for you to make your decision making a bit simpler:

-    Stealth MSI GS65

It is a thin, beautiful as well a powerful piece for you. It has the CPU of Intel Core i7 with the graphics of GTX 1070 Nvidia GeForce. It has got the RAM of 16 GB while the screen is of 15.6 inches in size with the wide-view panel of 144Hz. This laptop is known for its efficient performance and quick working. The body overall of the laptop is about .69 inches thick and it contains the beefy Coffee processors which make it even smarter. This laptop is regarded as the best even thinnest laptop in the laptops world. No doubt this would be the best device for you to have if you are a game lover. The high-speed processors of the laptop allow you to play games which are latest as well as comparatively bigger in size.

-    Zephyrus GX501 Asus ROG

It is also known as Max-Q master class. This amazing laptop has got the CPU of i7 Intel Core and the Graphics it has are of GTX 1080. It contains 16GB of RAM while the screen is 15.6 inches in length. It contains the storage of 512GB for the users. It has got an innovative style and it is amazing really powerful. It has a long battery life which lets its users play the game on the laptop for a long span of time without even needing to charge laptop again and again. It has got a decent appearance with a fantastic showcase and is regarded as one of the best light and thin laptop to be used in the gaming purpose. It provides the users with amazing gaming experience and it works silently without even making any noises.

-    Razer-blade Stealth

It is thin, powerful and light in weight too. The CPU it has is i7 Intel core and it has the HD graphics of 620 with the RAM of 16GB and the screen is of 12.5 inches. The total storage of this laptop is 256 GB.  It has got a bright display that is larger than the usual laptops and the battery life is also good for the users so that they could play their games continuously for hours. It is a good example of the change in laptop technology as it is a unique and thin piece of technology specially designed to cater the needs of the gamers so that they could play their games smartly and effectively.

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