What is The Need for Environmental Protection?

Posted by Oliver Mark on December 3rd, 2018

Environmental protection is not some fanciful concern as many of the people believe. The world is in immediate need of the environmental protection. The human race has destroyed the beautiful planet Earth and its fellow creatures' lives for its own selfishness. The need for more never ends for humans, which has resulted into endless urbanisation and industrialisation, the primary causes of environmental degradation. People fail to understand that their own body will end up dead if they are constantly spending their energy and not regaining any energy. Similarly, if the ecosystem is not protected, if it’s only exploited then it will cease to exist and it won’t be able to fulfil even the basic necessities of the living beings such as air, water and food, let alone the luxuries.

Adverse Effects of Polluted Environment

Constant destruction of habitat is taking place due to industrial pollution, mining, transporting species where they don’t naturally belong resulting in the following consequences:

  • Lack of clean water to drink for over one billion people in the world.
  • Lack of proper sanitation for over two billion people.
  • Poor quality of air which is highly poisonous, especially in bigger cities, where there are more industries, resulting in a large number of terminal diseases including cancer as the most common among them.
  • Poor quality of land not only makes the farming inadequate resulting in chemical induced unhealthy food but also leading a vast number of farmers to suicide.
  • Many countries of the world facing famine.

Causes of Environmental Disruption

There are innumerable causes, but below mentioned are some of the prominent ones which are huge contributors in the destruction of the environment:

  1. Pollution: The term refers to the introduction of contaminants in the environment either through the air, water or soil, which produces adverse changes and lead to the destruction of the component. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and the ailed are the most affected of the pollution. Pollution can generate abnormalities in the unborn child as well as it is effecting on our health and physical activities.
  2. Deforestation: Deforestation is a huge contributor in the environmental disruption. It is the evil process of cutting down trees and forests in a large. Plants help in converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and with lesser trees, there is more air pollution in the environment. Deforestation also affects the soil, as the land becomes unproductive and also landslides become a usual activity then. The process also leaves many species of animals homeless, and make them wander in the human civilisation resulting in hazardous situations, where either they kill humans or are killed by them.
  3. Over – Population: Over – Population is one of the primary reasons for environmental degradation. The insanely large number of human in the world calls for a large number of resources, resulting in more urbanisation and industrialisation. There is a scarcity of resources such as land, water and food, because of over – population in the world.

Measures To Protect the Environment

  • Switch off electronic devices when not in use
  • Do not waste water and/or food.
  • Plant more trees.
  • Save paper as much as possible.
  • Teach children the importance of environmental protection.

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