History of Action Research

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The action research methodology got invented by Kurt Lewin. According to Mr. Lewin, the action research methodology is a series of continuous steps that has the composition of spiral sections. According to Lewin, the Action research methodology contains three main stages that get composed of the planning stage, the action stage and the validation and evaluation of the results of action.  The literature reviews indicate that the action research evolved over last centuries (Dick, 2006). The literature records that the action research is the root of all scientific methods applied in the academic and the education research in the current technologies. The principles of action research that were specified by Lewin get applied in the understanding and changing the business practices through inventing new technological structures to support the business processes and transactions. Lewin theory states that for the social scientists, system developers, learners, and practitioners must apply the inquiry concept from the professions as well as associating with experts in the field of research. The action research methodology has influenced different areas of social scientists and research ranging from the scientific, educational research, whereby the academic improvements got articulated through the implementation of action research between 1904 and 1979 (Dick, 2006). The group dynamic movement applied the action research methodology to solve the social problems through qualitative social inquiry (Savall, et al… 2012). The reconstruction of the curriculum development activity in education utilized action research methodology to design development project through the intervention of the teachers and the scholars (Savall, et al… 2012).

Action Research

 The action research is the methodology or a model that involves the process of learning and acting. The model involves conducting an inquiry into the matters concerning the field of research by associating experts to collect data and information that improve the business operations. The action research is the methodology that focuses on understanding the practices and the situation within the business sectors. The action research has specific attributes that distinguish the methodology from other models. The action research model gets characterized by the empowerment of the participant researchers who get introduced to the real life practices. The second characteristic is the collaboration of researchers through participation whereby the research team interacts with the experts and the professional who train him on how to handle issues in the business operations background. The third characteristic includes acquisition of knowledge whereby the methodology enables the researcher to acquire new ideas, skills and experience to carry out new inventions and develops systems that get linked to business operations (Somekh,1995). The last characteristic is the implementing the social change by acting accordingly based on the observation and the data and information collected. The part involves implementing the solution to the problems identified. The research identifies the difficulties and the problems associated with the society where the improvements require to get implemented. The researcher applies the best solution through collaboration with end users of the system to achieve an acceptable system for use by the people (Savall, et al… 2012). The processes involved in the achievement of the action research characteristics is the use of the spiral action research cycles that include the planning, the acting, the observing, and the reflecting phase (Van, 2007).

Appropriateness of Action Research

The action research methodology gets applied in the development of the new ideas and inventions that undergo a series of research through the action research step by step spiral model. The model supports the business changes, upgrading of the system as well as inducing the actions of change that focus on improving technology (Somekh,1995). The action research is the most appropriate in developing the proposed projects from scratch. The methodology allows the researcher to get equipped with the information required in accomplishing the user needs, requirements and specifications.  The action research enables the research project to proceed through the four cycles of planning, the acting, the observing and reflecting whereby each cycle are analyzed critically by the researcher. The methodology allows the principle of modularity applied to the development of the software systems (Somekh,1995). Through the process, the given system can get broken down into simple, manageable parts and get developed and structured independently through the iteration process. The methodologies guarantee that the companies and the organization invest in feasible and viable projects that have positive total returns to the organization. The viable projects get achieved through conducting the feasibility study. The action research provides an opportunity to handle projects through scientific, technical approach, practical analysis approach and critical emancipatory approaches of action research (Van, 2007). The three approaches enable enhancement and production of high quality and acceptable final project. The deliverables and the final project documentation reflect divergent professional delivery of the dynamic project.


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