How to Get Russian Women to Want You

Posted by Chris D. Page on December 3rd, 2018

Most men are baffled by the beauty of Russian women. They wonder how they never cease to please the eyes let alone why women from the country are so desirable, but the real question is how to get Russian women to want you. Isn’t this what every man wants to know? Well, you will know how soon enough. Continue on to learn how to get Russian women to want you.

Don’t Treat Them Like Mail Order Brides

The concept of mail order brides has greatly impacted the dating dynamic between western men and local women. Local women are well aware that a mail-order bride is what many men visit their country for but are not enthused by the idea. To get quality Russian women to want you, treat her like a person instead of a prize. Don’t try to attract her with money or gifts, Instead, use romance, charm and old-fashioned good manners to woo a woman. Any good Russian woman is looking for more than money and a green card.


Be Actionable

Russian women like doers so instead of talking about things you want to do, do them. The reason why this contributes to them wanting you is simple, they want to go along for the ride. Women are naturally attracted to men doing things in their life. They find them more interesting, exciting and want to be a part of what they have in store for the future. Especially if those plans correspond with what they want for their future.

Be an Assertive Gentleman

Perfecting this balance is a surefire way to get Russian women to want you. They are attracted to men who seem to have it all figured out and seem to be comfortable in any situation. This makes them feel safe, taken care of and by asserting your masculinity, you make them feel more feminine. As for being a gentleman, that provides the balance needed to prevent your assertiveness from coming across as bossy or controlling which scares women away.

Don’t Make It About Sex

Instantly add depth to any romance you have with a Russian woman and you will make her fall for you faster than you would expect. It will show that you are not only a man who respects women, but you are one with good intentions. Russian women naturally gravitate towards good men who aren’t just trying to enjoy the physical aspects of a romantic relationship too soon.


Compliment Her Clothing

Russian women are obsessed with driving men wild through their way of dress. They tend to wear very flattering and sensual clothing that highlights some of their best assets. Even more importantly, they put a lot of effort into these outfits and most even sew their own clothes so make sure to recognize her efforts. This will make Russian women want you because little things like this make her feel appreciated.

Be Super Romantic

Russian women think romantic men are super sexy and seriously can’t get enough. Fulfill her need for romance and she will never want to leave your side.  The first step is giving her constant attention. A huge part of romancing a Russian woman is showering her with attention. By doing this, you let her know that she’s your focus and best of all, make her feel special. In addition to giving her a lot of attention, make the extra effort to be romantic on a regular basis, no matter how far away you are from each other. Write her a poem, a sweet note, send her gifts (Russian women absolutely love flowers), plan intimate dates, and use things that you learn about her like her favorite food, travel location, hobby, etc. to arrange surprises for her. A Russian woman will want you all the more.

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