Top 5 Features You Will See in Upcoming Android Q Version

Posted by Fluper on December 3rd, 2018

Just with the title, you will get the idea that Android Q has rather interesting to offer for the Android smartphone users. You might be thinking that this is a little bit sooner to talk about the newer version while the older ones are just delivered to the Android devices? In fact, many android app developers have just started to work on the features that android pie offers. Yes, we are just a couple of months into the public rollout of Android 9.0 Pie, but the ringing bells of Android next big version, i.e. Android Q can be heard easily because the Google team has already started working on releasing the newer Android OS version.

The news of upcoming features has got a lot of attention at the Android Developer Summit 2018. According to the reports, Google’s next big OS version Android Q could be made available for testing to users, developers, even before the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source code is released. In fact, Google is also exploring the idea of offering the earlier versions of Android Q through a pre-built GSI. One of the amazing deals here is that tech giant Google might open this generic system image (GSI) to regular users as well, which would mean any Android phone, which is Project Treble compliant, would be able to test out Android Q quickly. Looking at these information’s, it is clear that this is just a start and a lot more to come. In addition, it would not be wrong to say that this is just a heads up for the Android app development companies to brace themselves for the future.

Google has begun revealing the features that Android app developers and users can expect in the upcoming Android operating system, Android Q. Let’s get started with top 5 features which are expected to see in the upcoming version-

Foldable Device Support

Now, that’s some interesting! Yes, Google has confirmed that Android Q will support Android devices with foldable displays. Just after the launch of Samsung latest foldable devices; i.e. Galaxy X and Galaxy Y, Google have appreciated the idea of introducing more foldable smartphones in the Android market.

Automatic Battery Saving

One of the useful aspects of the new update is its battery feature. In this feature, the turned off screen will be changed into battery saving mode automatically. This will allow Android smartphone users to have increased usage time with lesser battery utilization. On the other hand, this will also a prime motive of the Android app developers to customize the apps to uplift their app performance and generate more revenue from it.

Warning Against Old Apps

The newer version of Android Q will allow users to make use of the Play Store policy update guidelines only. This new feature will inform the user that they are installing an app based on Lollipop or earlier and that it will not be able to employ the latest features of the smartphone. This could be a great move because it gives warning Android user to not to install an app with the older version to stay away from the bad user experience.

Multi-Resume Feature

You may have heard about the split screen and multi-tasking feature in Android OS previous versions. This means you can access multiple apps at one time without having to compromise with any of them. While you are interacting with an app, the other apps will go in inactive mode and will operate only once you tap on their screen further. This feature of the upcoming version will make it a compulsion for the foldable devices to have it, in order to enjoy multi-tasking feature.

Vulkan API

Moving further, the Android Q will have Vulkan API feature enable which is basically for improved user experience and user interface. It’s a cross-platform 3D graphics API that will indisputably upsurge the experience of the users.

Final Thoughts

That’s all! Now, you may think that when can you finally get it in your devices? Well, now the only thing we can do is to wait for the release of Android Q. Hopefully, we will hear more announcements before the release in mid-March. Besides, if you have an app idea, which is for Android users on their latest OS, then you can hire top android app development company Fluper, who are having expertise in fully functional and innovative apps.

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