Fashion Apprenticeship And Short Fashion Courses London

Posted by FCFTA on December 3rd, 2018

Fashion apprenticeships provide the opportunity to work for an employer and earn a salary and gain valuable workplace skills, experience and an accredited qualification. They work closely with a wide range of employers in the fashion industry and give the beginners the opportunity to work with them. During an apprenticeship, individuals will have to work for at least 30 hours a week with the employer. And after qualifying the apprenticeship, the majority of the apprentices stay in employment. Getting into apprenticeship ensures the job for the majority of individual and this helps them to secure their career and future in a much easier way. Fashion apprenticeships offer the chance of a real future in the fashion industry. It has a variety of programmes one of which is a unique combination of training and career specific work experience. Here, the apprentice will be working with one employer for the entire course which ultimately provides an opportunity to both the employer and the apprentice to develop a strong and sustainable relationship. It’s not compulsory to continue with the same employer if one doesn’t want to or if he is getting some better job options he may opt for it. The purpose of a fashion apprenticeship to trained and provides proper knowledge about the work and the workplace.

A short fashion course is for those who have fancy, beautiful, smart clothing ideas and those who enjoy using their imaginations to convert these ideas into garments. A fashion course explores how fashion is connected with other concepts, like a style, fashion collection as well as fashion industry and journalism. The professionals have vast knowledge about their fields and try to spread the same to the beginners. It makes the beginner learn what fashion is all about, what an employee of this industry need to do, the work to be done, how to work and how to get at the top and be successful enough. Some of the people go for jobs directly without doing such courses. But getting into these courses is beneficial in many ways, first of all, the employee already has some idea about what he needs to do and how, secondly, the level of nervousness and stress in comparatively lower than the one who is completely new to the industry. After doing the course the value of the individual increases in the industry and he/she is chosen for the job over the one who hasn’t done such a course. This not only gives the individual knowledge about the field but it also builds confidence in them, which is very much important in today’s world.

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