Cigar Smoking vs. Cigarette Smoking - Reasons Why the Former is a Better Option

Posted by Margaret Brady on December 4th, 2018

Cigar Smoking vs. Cigarette Smoking

  • While both cigars and cigarettes contain tobacco, there is a huge difference between smoking the two. In a cigar, the tobacco is wrapped up in a leaf tobacco or some other stuff which contains tobacco. Whereas, in cigarettes, the tobacco is wrapped in a paper or other material which does not contain tobacco. Apart from the most prominent difference between the two being that cigars are usually bigger and thicker, they also last longer when smoked.

  • Cigarette smokers inhale the smoke actively and smoke a larger number of cigarettes per day since they are cheap and easily available. Whereas, majority of cigar smokers do not inhale and do not even smoke on a daily basis, let alone smoking multiple in a day itself. The differences in these habits can explain why cigarette smokers are possibly exposed to more smoke and tobacco than cigar smokers.

  • Several cigar enthusiasts claim that smoking cigar relaxes the mind and thus, lowers the blood pressure. Relaxation is a mental health benefit, so if this is true, then that cigar smoking provides this benefit.

    How to smoke a cigar properly

  • Before smoking the cigar, you must insert the head of the cigar in a cigar cutter and cut into it, around 1/6th of an inch from the end. Now, while you light it, grip the cigar around the band with a thumb, index finger and middle finger, and place it into your mouth. Now you have to hold the end of the cigar just above the lighter flame and begin puffing on it by slowly rotating it. Do not allow it to touch the flame. Keep rotating it for a few seconds until the outer rim begins to glow, while continuing to puff.

    Several wholesalers and manufacturers of cigars manufacture premium, long filler cigars that are hand made in Nicaragua of Nicaraguan leaf from different regions such as Esteli, Ometepe, Jalapa, and San Andres. The result is a collection of cigars consisting of mild, medium and full body cigars in habano, maduro, connecticut, twister and flavored leaf.

One of the best online stores to buy cigars offer the Lucky Cigar Flavors collection which is a must try as it is hand made in the Dominican Republic with Dominican leaf filled and with flavor. It prides itself on using only the finest wrapper, binder and filler tobacco leaves to create a unique and pleasurable smoking experience. The Collection by The House of Lucky Cigar has blends of different strengths and flavors at a great price point.

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