Consult lyme disease doctors in winchester va for Tick Disease Treatment

Posted by drmorinsinus on December 4th, 2018

Your ears, nose, and throat are the vital organs of your body. Any problem in these three parts will cause much discomfort. There are many bugs, bacteria, and the virus that can cause disease in these parts. The disease-causing micro-organisms seek the help of other living organisms to enter your body. Ticks are such insects that are very small in size but can cause severe diseases in your body. Once you notice any symptoms of tick-borne diseases, you should immediately consult a specialized doctor to cure the problem.

Lyme disease detection

Lyme disease is a serious condition arising from tick bites. The bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi causes the disease. It enters your body through the bite of an infected deer tick or black-legged tick. Within a few days, the early symptoms will start. The initial symptoms include a headache, chills, fever, muscle and joint pain with swollen lymph nodes. Although these are all common symptoms of flu, the stiffness of the neck with a severe headache. Consulting the Lyme Disease Doctors In Winchester VA will help you to recover in little time. If you can arrange for removing the ticks within 48 hours of infection, you will not have any problem.

Finding a good clinic

The ticks can be of three sizes. The larvae are as small as sand grains, the nymphs are like poppy seeds, and the adults are like apple seeds. So it is very difficult to understand whether one has bitten you. On visiting the Tick disease Clinic in winchester va, the doctor will suggest a blood test for correct detection. The test may show a negative result within the initial weeks of infection. But the effect is positive once the antibodies start to develop in your body. Early treatment ensures lesser progress of the disease. On detection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics like doxycycline.

Going to integrated clinic

Whenever you have any symptoms of tick diseases, you should better visit an INTEGRATED ENT Clinic leesburg va. You can arrange for a thorough check-up of the ear, nose, and throat to detect whether the infection has spread to any other vital organ. Sometimes, the disease causes nose congestions leading to irregular heartbeats. It is necessary to take care of the fact that the condition does not turn out to be the syndrome.

Early cure reduces risk

The infection can be severe if you leave the condition unattended. If you go hiking often, then after returning from the trek every time, you must check for Lyme infection so that you can prevent the disease with early diagnosis and medication. Check your skin after the hiking to see whether you can notice any black dots. Take showers after 2 hours of returning from the walks.

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