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What to choose among classic and modern kitchens

Posted by Craftmade on December 4th, 2018

Be it archaic or swanky look, kitchen occupies an important space in the house as it is the heart of the home. Kitchens are really more than just being a cooking area. Kitchens, being under women’s reign, should be styled to interest them and to add-on their comfort. These days you might have come across a number of classic and modern kitchens styles as kitchen accessories can be fashioned in multiple ways. Kitchens reflect the personality of the lady of the house, so should be sorted well. From cabinets to cutlery, from metallic wares to glass wares, everything should be treated with perfection to flaunt luxury. The kitchen pattern ranges from glass-fronted cabinetry to open shelved-arched kitchen and lots more.

classic and modern kitchens

Now, to start with designing it becomes one of the most complex tasks, as some of us want modular too flaunt but classic is our liking, or vice-versa, or we believe in blending both. It’s more like wearing a saree with a crop top; it might match but not always.

Classic kitchen

To evolve a more homely feeling, classic kitchens are featured with wood- oaks, and walnut, or timber. This wooden yet classic elegance of wood nurtures warmth in the surrounding.  Creating timeless appeal, classic kitchens are colored in simply neutral shades like grey, cream, pallid hues. These colors give a rustic, off countryside ambiance. Simple functionality and nothing novel sets the backdrop of traditional designs. You can find plenty of cabinets above the head to magnify storage space. The spacious cabinets can occupy all your needs. Doors of the classic kitchen can be prepared using solid wood or lacquering with a handle opening. The handles of the cupboard are also adorned with metallic handles. To soften the mood these kitchens are open to receive plenty of natural light thus magnifying the grandeur. These kitchens could further be given with wooden sitting chairs with a dining table to allow the family to spend quality time. Classic kitchens Dubai have numerous options to organize kitchen accessories in a designer approach. 

 Modern kitchen

Adoring with its sleek looks and appealing hues, modern kitchen is a perfect home accessory.  Well organized kitchen accessories produce minimal fuss and keep things assorted and clean. The designer kitchen cabinets could be customized in a variety of design with pull cabinet kitchen drawers and simply open and shut marble or wooden drawers. The lustrous designs defined by aesthetic of the modern kitchen are impeccable.  Automatic or button pulled cabinets gives a more chic feel. The glossy cabinets hidden behind the doors provide quality room for storage. Adorned with all modern accessories like the chimney, automatic taps, eco-friendly material, these kitchens are perfect to be in. Modern kitchensare illuminated with stylish lights, overhead lamps, flooring lighting and have enough access to natural sunlight. These modern kitchens are spacious and have enough space for placing swanky chairs. Modern cabinets are endless in designs to give a simple and minimal look. Modern kitchensDubai equip all modern accessories in a more refined way to justify every nook and cranny. 

Kitchen pattern relishes with diversity, you can further magnify the designs by blending both classical and modern patterns in an artistic way. Moreover, kitchen is an intimate part of home, but changes could be made in its designing and pattern.

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