Factors To Consider While Buying Tablecloth

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Contact the venue of your event and get the dimensions of their tables before you look for tablecloths. The most common round tables are 60 inches or 72 inches in diameter and 30 inches in height. If you want your tablecloths to be floor length or to drop all the way to the floor, so that the table legs are not showing, then you need a 120 inch round tablecloth for the 60 inch round tables and a 132 inch round tablecloth for the 72 inch round tables. The most common rectangular tables are 6 feet long and 8 feet long. They both are 30 inches wide and 30 inches in height. If you want your tablecloths to be floor length for the 6 foot long table you need a 90 inch wide and 132 inch long tablecloth and for the 8 foot table you need 90 inch wide and 156 inch long tablecloth.


The most common and cheap tablecloths are polyester and satin, but they are durable. Spandex table covers have gained popularity in recent years, but are more expensive than satin and polyester. Pintuck taffeta, pinwheel taffeta, flocking taffeta and spandex White Round Tablecloths are luxurious yet affordable tablecloths under . The polyester is very basic and is usually used in combination with table overlays or runners. Satin table covers can be used by themselves without any overlays or runners because they have a shiny finish and look great by themselves. Pintuck taffeta, pinwheel taffeta, and flocking taffeta table covers are more expensive than the polyester and satin, but they look different and feel different from polyester and satin. The taffeta material looks iridescent and will give off different tones of its color under different lighting conditions.


GSM or grams per square meter is important because it determines the durability of the White Round Tablecloth. In addition to durability, the heavier the material the less it will wrinkle. 180-200 GSM is ideal for polyester, 90 GSM for satin, and 95 GSM for taffeta. Polyester and satin usually wrinkle more than taffeta material, but if you have the right GSM for polyester and satin they will wrinkle less than usual. Generally the taffeta material needs less ironing and steaming. The spandex material does not require any ironing or steaming. Usually all common size polyester Round White Tablecloths are seamless.

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