Some Important Tips about Mist Fans

Posted by bigfogg on December 5th, 2018

Misting fans are great options for outdoor, during summer. You do not need to spend much on your electricity bills. While summer you sweat out that forms, bead on the skin.But when the breeze is blowing over the sweat, it creates some cooling effect on the body.It is the most natural way to cool our body when the heat richness too high.

Summer is the time to spend outdoors. However, a very high heat can take the water from your body. Many people ill when they are exposed more to heat. It is the reason why one should consider using an outdoor cooling option.Therefore, the best way of enjoying outdoor is using a mist fan.You can install the fan near the pool or on your deck. It helps you in staying cool during the summer.

Cooling Area

A main factor you should consider choosing mist fans is the size of your area where you want to cool. If you feel the air is not performing well or is too powerful that you end up shivering. Therefore, two things have to be considered for this:

  • Fan airflow (Cubic Feet Per Minute or CFM)
  • Water pressure level pushed out from the fan (PSI)

To measure the power of airflow from the mist fan, CFM is a unit that shows how much air the fan moves in one minute at the highest speed.The CFM of misting fan normally range from 200 in small interior space to 5000 for large outdoor spaces.

Safety Measures

Misting fan uses the water to spray out mist and keep the area cool. So, it makes necessary to follow certain safety precautions. You should place such fans away from an electrical circuit and items that are sensitive to water.The reason behind it is mist builds up moisture in an electric wire that will result in short circuit.Also misting fans should not place near to wooden furniture or such stuffs that can get damaged easily by the moist.

Right material

Many people think that misting fans should be kept inside only. If kept outside, the fan receives lots of dust, sunlight and wind, so the quality of fan material is big concern.The plastic made models are lighter and affordable too, but metal models are more durable and last, but it comes at a higher price.

Proper Maintenance

A misconception people have is that the things that are kept near to misting fans get damages. It is wrong because the tiny drop of water gets evaporated very easily.The water build-up in two ways, if the using area is not that ventalisedproperly or due to pure nozzles.Therefore, you have to make sure its nozzles are functioning properly as specified by your manufacturer.Also keep its parts well-maintained to prevent moisture build-up and for proper functionality.

Water Storage

The choice of water storage depends on the usage.The misting fans that come with water reservoir requires you to refill it.With tankless; water is connected directly from the tap.

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