The Pros and Cons of Installing Glass Railings in your Deck

Posted by showerlagoon on December 5th, 2018

Glass railings are considered to be an excellent choice for homeowners who have a deck and whose primary concern is their children and pet’s safety. The traditional design prevents the little hands and feet from getting stuck in between them as there isn’t much space in-between. Also, because all the panels are clear, you can enjoy the view of the outdoor space while being able to watch the kids right from the comfort of your lounge chair.
Many also refer to glass railings as invisible railings as they do not break up or block out the beautiful view that’s visible from your deck. Instead, it actually showcases the scenery like a picture frame. Although there are numerous benefits of glass railings, there are a few drawbacks as well. Read our blog post and find out whether a glass railing is a good choice for your home.
Pros of Glass Railings


Glass railings are mainly made using tempered glass that is one-quarter of an inch thick. This means that it’s highly unlikely to crack or break under everyday stressors. This quality makes them a worthy complementary feature ensuring a fairly low-maintenance decking. Also, since glass is made to last a lifetime, it doesn’t wear or tear easily due to external factors such as harsh weather.

Unobstructed Views

Most people installing glass railings do it so they can take advantage of the scenic view of the outdoors rather than having it partially blocked out by wooden fencing. If your house has a veranda, patio or deck which looks out to a beautiful view, then consider installing glass railings as they ensure that the view is preserved and unobstructed. This holds true providing that the railings being installed are completely transparent. It provides a great viewpoint that you will enjoy to the fullest.
Aesthetic Appeal

Glass railings are capable of offering a contemporary and overall clean look that can easily beat any other railing system installed on the deck. When considering the visual appeal, these railings are thought to be the “gold standard”. They can also be customized to fit any garden design perfectly.
Design Versatility

Since glass appears neat in itself, and even more so once it’s installed and finished, it’s among the few railing systems which can incorporate elements belonging to different designs without making the outdoors look cluttered and clumsy. This provides homeowners with more options and hence, versatility when it comes to designing your deck area.
Cons of Glass Railings


Similar to windows, glass railings also must be cleaned on the inside and out to keep them looking great. This is especially needed when glass is installed anywhere outdoors. They need regular maintenance depending on how clean you want them to look. However, this can be a major inconvenience for some with their busy schedules. Also, if the design of the space makes it difficult for you to reach the railings, the cleaning can become even more problematic.


Glass railings can be an expensive investment. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as they have many benefits to offer to the homeowners. The price can also fluctuate depending on the method being used to attach the glass. Some variations include a wood system, stainless steel clips and metal clips. The most expensive one from the above-mentioned option is stainless steel which is followed by wood and then metal.
Your decision to install glass railings on your deck requires sufficient consideration because they are a big investment. However, when you have a beautiful view outdoors, there’s no better way to appreciate them than with glass railings. They have a few limitations that are outweighed by their advantageous attributes, which is why it's definitely worth giving them a try.

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