How to choose a child's bike correctly

Posted by Ema Smith on December 5th, 2018

Choosing a bicycle for a child seems simple, but without some basic notions we can screw up and choose the wrong size or model. In this article, we will show you the different sizes of children's bicycles that exist, as well as their main characteristics and recommended ages, so that we can correctly choose the bicycle that best suits our children. In children's bicycles there are several sizes available, differentiated by age, and they go by inches being these 12", 14", 16", 18", 20" and 24". From you will get more idea about child's bike correctly.

12" bike for the little ones that start

This measure is suitable for children between 2 and 3 years old and with a height of between 75 and 95 cm in height, it is the smallest bicycle among children and they are the beginning of every child in the world of cycling, their wheels are 12 inches and the frame is usually with a short distance between the saddle and the handlebar, thus favoring the handling of the bicycle, this type of bicycles come with stabilizing skates for the little ones to learn, it is important that we find a model where the brakes are soft and with little travel to encourage braking to small.

14" bicycle the little ones are growing

The 14" bicycles are the second smallest in the catalog, they are recommended for children between 3 and 4 years old and for heights of 95 to 110 cm. They are bicycles in which both the wheel and the frame gain two inches compared to the 12-inch bicycle. The wheel is already seen with a larger diameter and the picture is somewhat taller and longer. In these bicycles also the skates are included, since many small ones still do not dominate too much or it is even their first bicycle. These bicycles come without changes of gears and with a quite soft development so that it does not cost them work at the time of pedaling, the brakes must be equally soft for the little ones.

16" bike depends on its growth

The 16-inch bicycles are recommended for children between 3 and 5 years and for heights of 100 to 120 cm is a somewhat peculiar measure, since it will depend on the growth of the child, there are children who develop a lot and go directly to the next measurement of 18 inches and other children who carry a normal development and the measure of 18 inches is still big. This type of bicycle is very similar to the 14-inch in characteristics, since it can be used by children of 3 years who are more developed so they continue to include skates and brakes with soft touch.

18" bike makes us little bikers

The 18-inch bicycles are for children between 4 and 6 years and heights between 115 and 130 cm as you see as we climb the bicycle measure the age range of children who can use it is wider, because with these ages there are children who grow very fast and others who are growing normally for their age. In this type of bicycles the skates are still included to favor those children who still do not fully control the bicycle. His frame and wheels are bigger. They still do not include gear changes to these models, since, with these ages and for a recreational and learning use they are not necessary, but the development of the bicycle already comes with something more hardness and with which greater advance than the bicycles of smaller measures.

20" bicycle already ask us for something more cane!

The 20-inch bicycles are for ages between 5 and 8 years and heights between 125 and 135 cm, in these measures we can already find bicycles with front suspension and changes, for those small who perfectly master the bicycle and we want them to develop new skills on the bicycle and create hobbies, in these ages there are children who go green ways with their parents and have changes and suspension will come very well for this type of use. But we can also find them without changes or extras for a more jovial use of the park. These bikes can still be put on skates, but they are not brought from home, as it is understood that with these ages it will not be their first bicycle, but for those small ones that are their first bicycle, there are skates.

24" bicycle the passage from child to small cyclist

As you can see the measurement jump is already considerable, since 20 inches goes directly to 24. These bicycles are for ages between 8 and 11 years, in these models bicycles usually come with gear changes to promote travel and small routes that with these ages can do. It is important to choose a bike with reliable brands, as they last much longer and their maintenance will be much less than toy-type bicycles. Here we can find authentic adult mountain bikes in small size.

Common mistakes that we should avoid

Then we will cite the most common mistakes that are made when buying a child's bike.

Buy bicycles in large surfaces: Since they are multinational, they usually do not have specific or qualified personnel for cycling in themselves, so better, go to a shop specializing in bicycles.

Buy a bicycle too big to last for many years: This mistake is very common and very dangerous, we want a 3 year old to do well a big bike to last 4 or 5 years, this is a huge mistake, since, in the first place the child will not dominate the bicycle well, which will lose confidence and interest in taking the bicycle, every age has its measure and it is advisable to give our little ones something they enjoy.

Buy the cheapest bicycle: The cheap is expensive, it is better not to see the bicycle as an expense if not as an investment, because if we buy something too basic, its components will be much lower quality, which will end up visiting the workshop bicycles constantly, keep in mind that the bicycle is something that is given a lot of use, do not insist on buying a next-generation console and then a bicycle that is daily use something very basic, because they will end up giving problems.

And remember, learning to ride a bicycle is one of the first achievements of their lives!

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