Signs that Prove your Dog has Seasonal Allergies

Posted by Andrew Martin on December 6th, 2018

Be it changes in weather, or one particular season, allergies always seem to trouble us at some point of the year. It’s not quite that different for your furry friends. Dogs are most susceptible to various kinds of seasonal allergies, especially during spring.

Allergies might occur due to a variety of reasons including change in weather, pollen, grass, flea bites or even dust. Your dog can really go through a lot of discomfort if his allergies are not attended to. If you usually have no way of knowing what your fur baby might be going through and here are a few signs that may indicate a seasonal allergy that’s troubling the little one:
• Scratching:
If you aren’t the only one taking care of your dog and have chosen a great dog boarding at Edmonton, for times when you’re not around, make sure you ask the staff whether your pup has been scratching itself continuously throughout the day. Whenever he’s at home, if he keeps scratching his face by rubbing it to the furniture or upholstery, get him checked out.
Itching is the most common symptom of a possible allergy.
• Inflammation:
A lot of allergies can cause your dog to have a bad case of inflammation or rashes on his skin that really give it a hard time. If you notice any patch on your doggy’s body that’s red or inflamed, it’s probably because of the allergy and you must get it checked before it gets worse.
• Licking:
If your dog is excessively licking himself in particular areas, make sure you observe the area well, in order to mete out whether there’s some sort of inflammation, rash or redness. If your pup’s dog boarding at Edmonton tells you that he’s been going crazy over licking one particular paw, make sure you check it or get it checked by the vet.
• Shedding:
If your dog is shedding way more than usual, it’s obvious that he’s unwell or suffering from an allergy. Seasonal allergies that involve skin infections, always lead to excessive fur fall in canines. If your furry pets hair is dry, flaky or falling out a lot more than what’s normal, get him to the vet.
• Red eyes:
Irritated, watery and reddening of eyes are a common symptom of allergies in dogs. Dog eyes puff up and become red, indicating clear signs of illness or allergies. Do not wait around for the redness to subside, thinking it might be okay in a day or two, take him to the vet; Pronto!
• Red ears:
Keep an eye on your dog’s ears. In case of allergies, they might appear red, coupled with a foul smelling odor. This alludes that your dog is suffering from an allergy or infection and must be taken to the doctor immediately.
• Wheezing:
Your dogs may, at times suffer from respiratory problems in case of allergies. This might result in chronic coughing, sneezing, wheezing or other difficulties in breathing. If you notice even the slightest change in your furry friends breathing, get him to the vet.

Always keep these signs in mind to make sure that your pet is getting a timely treatment before things go south. For more information Read more.

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