Everything you need to know about petrochemical products

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Even though it is a common name that is famous these days but still today not everyone know about it. Petrochemical products are commonly used products that are used widely in all sectors. This chemical compounds and its by-products are mainly used in various manufacturing units
and thus there are many big industries around the world that deals in producing of this products. Irrelevant of the fact that whether it simple White spirt or base oil it is finely produces to be used further.

What are petrochemical products?

When seen nicely in scientific sense, petrochemicals can be said as a set of specific chemical compounds that are formed from oil, natural gas, coal or other sources. This can be naturally or by high end technological process of refining. Majority of petrochemical products are from oil or natural gas. It is so highly produced because it is used as a main raw material in the manufacture of various products.

How is petrochemical produced?

Very few petrochemical compounds are naturally formed and thus they need to go through a better refining process. This process requires large amounts of energy and sophisticated engineering. In petrochemical industries a environment of the creation of such petrochemicals is created so that it get easy to maintain an extreme temperatures of 1500 ⁰F and above and pressures of 1000 psi and above because these products can only be created at these extreme operating conditions with high energy consumption. Often this condition varies when
different petrochemical products like Base oil Sn500 are to be formed.

Key Petrochemicals and Derivatives

When petrochemical products are produced in set conditions there are several other products that are produces as a basic set by default. This base set of petrochemicals is called petrochemical derivatives. This derivative are considered and grouped in accordance to the steps they have gone through to be converted. There are many derivative of petrochemical
product and among them some are:

• Ethylene
• Propylene
• Butadiene
• Benzene
• Toluene
• Xylene

Different kind of derivatives that are obtained in this process can be further used as raw material for manufacturing of other products. Other than the mentioned derivative there are certain other by products which are manufactured while refining of petrochemical products and this may include wax, ethylene, butanes, Base oil Sn600, bright stock etc.

Uses of petrochemical products in various sectors

• Petrochemicals in Medicine - Petrochemicals are a boom in medical sector because it is responsible for manufacturing very useful medicine. Other than this it has its contribution in important medical segment products like medical equipment including bottles, disposable syringes. With this it can be used to make devices useful for limbs and skin. It helps manufacturing drugs like penicillin, antibiotic, aspirin drugs useful for the treatment of AIDS, arthritis, and cancer etc.

• Petrochemicals in Food - Petrochemicals also has an important role in food sector because it helps manufacturing preservatives that can keep food fresh for long days. With this it is also used for making of some chocolates and candies. Petrochemicals are also used in making of food colorings.

• Petrochemicals in Agriculture - The chemical used to make pesticides and fertilizers are from petrochemical and thus it acts a boom also in agriculture sector.

• Petrochemicals in Household Products – It is also a good product used in manufacturing of household products that may include plastics, fibers, synthetic rubber, films, carpeting, crayons, detergents, dyes, fertilizers, milk jugs, perfume, safety glass, shampoo, soft contact lenses, wax candles

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