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How To Celebrate New Year In Various Countries Of The World? ( China, Russia, Fr

Posted by davidsmith6302 on December 6th, 2018

The traditional New Year China

Chinas New Year is so Traditional and Ancient Than other almost in the world according to the traditional lunar Chinese calendar. It mostly likes to term as China’s Spring Festival which is the Largest Holiday of Greatest China. As New Year in China is the biggest day which covers all the Neighboring Cultures like Vietnam, Tibet, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and many more in the world. Chinese New Year Is Normally consider with various Myths and cultural Customs and Traditions which makes its worldwide and vast celebration. In The upcoming Year, 2019 Chinese festival will be celebrated On Feb.5. Every New Year is Associated with the specific name of animal-like 2019 is the year of Pig.

Chines New Year Normally Run for about 23 days which contain a lot of traditional and customs activities, Peoples likely to use red Lanterns burn Fireworks, Drum beating with animal stuff like dancing  lion, dragons, snacks on the roads of China is popular tradition, Bell ringing is also famous among the Chinese believing on that Huge Bells are the symbol of good fortune which result in going away evils and devil from their lives, These Huge Bells Rung on the new year Night largely at Hanshan Temple in Suzhou,  

One more Tradition of Chinese on Special Event of New Year is “Reunion Dinner” containing various traditional dishes having specific meanings in its taste and shape, Spring roll means a fragrant start of new year, Glutinous Rice means the union and strength of family, Fish means to have sufficient money for the upcoming year, Dumplings is the more prominent as its shape like ancient Chinese gold coins. At this amazing dinner family likely to enjoy the feast with fun and cheerful, laughter talk.

After eating the Reunion Dinner Chinese usually, like to give money to their children Covered by Red Envelop is considered as lucky and good fortune Money for their future. Children kept this gold money under their pillow for seven-night considered as good luck and fortune, and spend it for their good health and study. This money is mostly in odd numbers which is likely to good fortune and great health. This myth custom is very ancient in Chinese tradition. The act of asking red envelope by the children is term as “Mandarin”

Another traditional custom on a special event is Cleaning of houses and decorate windows, walls, and doors with red paper cuts, and couplets. The Chines use to cleaning and swiping house with the will to have good fortune and leave evils and bad things away. The decoration of the house with red paper cuts and couplets, hanging red lantern on walls and doors, is also the sign of bringing good things and avoid unfortunate form their lives.

There are so many another traditional way of celebrating the new year in China like Gala TV show, firecrackers, fireworks, exchange of gifts, music,  wearing of new clothing, family portrait, Nianhua, symbolism, spring travel

New Year In French

The New Year Celebration in France commence from La Saint Nicolas on Dec. 6 and ends on Three Kings Day traditionally “eas galette des rois” “a wafer of kings,” on Jan. 6. In France New Year Eve is associated with the term “reveillon de jour de l’an” and “Le Reveillon du Nouvel An” means Night Time Celebration especially a feast.

French peoples likely to spend New Year at midnight with friends and family by burnings fireworks is the most popular tradition custom of French peoples. There is a custom event in Villa where a Church ceremony is held to sing new year songs, then go for vine park for torchlight process. At midnight Graphs Harvest starts to drink sweet wine specially made of Grapes having a trademark that harvesting of Grapes is held on 1st January.

In France, the life stops as all the public and private institutes are closed like the post office, banks, schools, universities, instead of airport railways station along with major highways are open for migration of peoples from one place to another to celebrate the Special Event

For New Year celebration French peoples often use to eat heart-shaped cakes, long shaped cakes made by ice cream. These special cakes are mostly decorated with different traditional symbols which tend to be good luck in the next year. This traditional symbol includes birds, bells, golden balls, chocolate coins, trees, and many more. These cakes are covered by the crown paper to conceal the dried bean, small coin, or ceramic figure. The person who finds this specific symbol will be the king of the day and wear the paper crown.

The French peoples have a tradition to believe on Mistletoe’s mystical or magical spirit of bringing good fortune and go away evils and devils from their lives. The French peoples hardly believe on the kissing under the mistletoe “s’embrasser Sous le Gui”. In franc, this tradition is specific for New Year Celebration not for any other event because it is Anglo Saxon traditional custom.

The French peoples likely to attend Champs- Elysees party in Paris at Eiffel Tower one of the most prominent events at New Year. Peoples usually start to gather at 9 pm to see the magic show of fireworks burnings at midnight. The show “ Champs-Elysee start at 11 pm at New Year Night.

One of Best Element of New Year in France is that the French presidential address or greetings to French peoples held on 8 pm, like “Les voeux presidential” broadcasted from Elysee Palace the official residence of the French president.

The Most famous tradition in France at New Year is to give a kiss at midnight to celebrate Special Event. Here is a concept that falling to kiss anybody will lead to loneliness in the next year. It tends only to kiss on cheeks to everyone at midnight. Suppose you are with your family at midnight everybody will run saying “Bonne Annee” Happy New Year while giving you Cheek kiss “La Bise” it is very interesting the number of kisses depends on the different area’s of France vary from region to region.

New Year In Russia.

In Russia, The New Year Celebration have more festivities at its disposal. This Holiday Festival is recognized all over the country by saying  “С Новым годом”. This festival normally starts from 30 December ended on 15th January have so many festivities custom, traditions, for this holiday festival in Russia. The peoples of Moscow often to celebrate this special event by making Red Square to celebrate New Year Celebration. After than peoples likely to attend traditional Russian foods presented on Zakuska Table for guest to have some traditional foods like dark bread, pickles, snacks, think caviar and marinated mushrooms with a lot of drinks.

The prominent element of New Year Festival is burning of Fireworks in all over the Russia, Dancing, and drinking in the club, get to get parties are the common factor of the New Year Festival.

The Russian celebrate the New Year in accordance with the Julian Calendar and give priority to Christmas on New Year Because they stand Christmas lighting tree to celebrate New Year Till 7th of January tend to be more honorable and prestigious for them. This prestigious tree is called” Novogodnaya Yolka”  decorated with various sweets and bright stars and toys. During the regime of Soviet New Year Was celebrated on Christmas but now its importance is more by having Sole  Separate Entity by updating the Orthodox Calendar into Julian Calendar.

Peoples in Russia likely to go for dinner at midnight with traditional meals Russian salad, sparkling wine. The president of Russia addresses his masses at 11.55 pm about his previous policies and briefing on upcoming policies by his party. At this time Russian National Anthem begins and peoples express happy new year “С Новым годом” dancing, hugging, and singing, and sparkling drink. The celebration of New Year Event for children is to decorate Grandfather Frost (Ded Moroz) (often comes with Granddaughter “Snegurochka” ( the snow girl ). Children often to decorate New Year Trees with the wish to have more happiness and health in the upcoming year.

Peoples decorate houses, stores, and streets with posters, flags, garlands, and electric lights are the latest form of decoration on New Year Event, and likely to use Father Frost Figures, Ice Sculptures, Snowmen. The Russian believes strongly that Santa wears red and Frost wear blue is the only difference between them.

Instead of all above tradition, one of the best which Russian strongly believes is to make any wish on New Year EVE. They have firm believe that if we choose any desire or dream on that Special Event it would be fulfilled in their life. As the Clock Stuck 12-o- clock they write their desire on the paper and burn it on the candle and ruins mixed in the champagne and drink it to meet their desires in future. This is a very famous traditional custom for New Year Celebration. But with the passage of time peoples are going to change the traditional customs and some are applying the stick to the traditional custom.

In The Last Happy New Year, All Of My Readers May New Year Allow You To Have All Your Dreams Come True.

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