Uses and Applications of Magnesium Oxide

Posted by chinsunmgoboard on December 6th, 2018

Magnesium is a chemical element that represents 2% of the earth's crust, which makes it the seventh chemical element in abundance on the planet. In nature, magnesium cannot be found in pure form, is part of compounds, in general oxides and salts, so it must be separated to have it in its pure state.

What is magnesium? What is magnesium oxide? What are the characteristics of magnesium oxide? What are the different uses and applications of magnesium oxide Board?

The main characteristics of magnesium include its insolubility, its silvery white color, it reacts with water at room temperature, it is a metal with high flammable properties, it does not need to be stored in oxygen-free places (unlike other metals). The flammable characteristic of magnesium increases when it is in the form of dust and is reduced when it is found as a solid mass.

Characteristics of Magnesium Oxide

The main characteristics of magnesium oxide are:

  • It is an odorless material.
  • Its appearance is a fine white powder.
  • Insoluble in water.
  • Its chemical formula is MgO.
  • Has the ability to quickly absorb moisture.
  • Its boiling point is at 3,600ºC.
  • Its melting point is 2,852ºC.
  • It is also known as magnesia or claimed magnesia.
  • Avoid contact with strong acids and halogens.

Uses and Applications of Magnesium Oxide

Among the multiple uses and applications of mgo board is:

  • Application in fertilizers.
  • Sewage treatment.
  • Abrasives.
  • Industrial chemical processes.
  • Magnesium salts.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.

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