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Posted by salim14 on October 1st, 2010

Let it ride is a casino variation of poker which is generally played against the casino rather than other players. The game's relatively slow pace and chance to pull back two of three bets has made let it ride popular with older players and table game neophytes. It is also called as 'let it die' by some casino dealers because of the slow nature of the game.( A slow-paced game generates a fewer tips for the dealer, and for this reason the derogatory nick name is given). Let it ride was invented by Shuffle master, who later own the trademark of the name and logo of the game

?Let it ride is a variation of five-card stud poker. The game is played with a standard 52 card deck. It is developed by Shuffle Master Gaming ( the company that makes automatic card shuffling machines). It was first introduced to the casinos in 1993. The game is played on a table similar to blackjack and maximum seven players can play at the same time. The game is slower than blackjack and has a potential for high payouts.

In let it ride poker, you have to play against a pay schedule ( as you do in video poker ) and your primary and only goal is to have a good poker hand . There are three circles in front of each player on the table. The circles are marked with the numbers 1, 2 and $ and are the spots where you can place your three bets. The first and second bet are the bets you can take back later in the game.

Each player receives three cards and the dealer receives two community cards but the dealer does not have a hand of his/her own. A player is not permitted to show or discuss his/her cards with other players at the table Each player is required to keep three cards ( face down ) in full view of the dealer at all times.

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