How Pinterest is expanding shopping ads to retailers?

Posted by FluperAppDevelopment on December 7th, 2018

Recently Pinterest launched shoppable ads in France and with this release France has become the first non-English country that is offering Pinterest’s advertising program. In the last few months, Pinterest has worked with various partners in France such as Louis Vuitton, Air France, Tiptoe, Picard, Guerlain. Although French businesses have seen promising as it helps to drive brand awareness and sales objectives in the present era of mobile app development. In present times, Pinterest is fully aligned with branding objectives as this is the only platform that combines a powerful reach, targeting context, in a highly qualitative environment that ensures brand safety. Well, Pinterest is very relevant media but it is also complementary with other digital platforms.

Pinterest Ads are extremely beneficial for people as they help to reach new people while they actively decide what to do or buy next. There is no doubt in saying that ads are an important part as through them you can easily choose marketing solutions to align with your business goals. With this latest release, now all businesses can use Promoted Pins to get in touch with people in France while they are discovering relevant, useful ideas on Pinterest.

Why consider marketing on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a marketing powerhouse for online stores, app developers as on this platform users generally search for things rather than scrolling through a feed. Just check these statistics a.98% of people has reported that they have discovered new things on Pinterest.

b.93% of pinners have used Pinterest for planning, researching and to make purchases.

c.80% of Pinterest traffic comes from mobile users and thus features like Buyable Pins are extremely useful.

Check out these 5 things that retailers need to succeed on Pinterest

Complete & brand your Pinterest profile

There is no doubt in saying that branded profile increases the potential of your business. When you write “About You” section of your profile, you need to keep in mind various things such as keywords and phrases. All you need to do is incorporate those keywords within your description. Another important thing is to add an important item to your profile. Once your profile is complete, your brand will gain exposure to new as well as current customers.

Generate a following

If you don’t have the following then no one can see the great products or inspiration that you are offering. One of the easiest ways to generate following is to do a quick search. All such things will prove a great advantage for you as you can follow nearby businesses very easily. If you have teamed up with fellow local businesses then definitely it will help you to gain exposure for your business and thus you can create positive word of mouth.

Create value-added boards

When creating Pinterest boards, you have to be conscious of “curate before you self-promote.” The main answer is you have to collect and enlighten items that represent the lifestyle of your target audience while weaving in your products and promotions. You have to create boards that are specific while representing a variety of pins such as quotes, vacation spots etc that are in line with that specific board.

Optimize your Pinterest Pins

We all better know that it is difficult to develop an engaged Pinterest following without pinning optimized content. A great pin consists of a brief keyword oriented description, high-quality image, an alt text image name, and coinciding board. If you optimize these items then it will ensure the most repins and interaction with the newly created Pinterest community.

Add the Pin-It Bookmarklet

One of the easiest tasks is to add the pin it bookmarklet to web browser’s bookmark bar. Well, you can easily do this by navigating to your business profile, choosing to Get Started and then “Add Pin it button”.

Not one of these things alone will ensure your business’s success but they will also create an exceptional effect on your brand. Pinterest is 100% aligned with branding objectives and this is the reason Android app development services are quite high in demand.  On Pinterest, businesses have access to multiple types of ads format and numerous targeting options. If you want to qualify for the Shopping Ads Program, businesses are instructed to complete a Pinterest Propel Program sign-up form.

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