5 Benefits of Pre Engineering Building

Posted by Sunil Srivastava on December 7th, 2018

Pre engineered buildings are built at the factory and assembled on site. Such structures suit specific customer requirements. They are designed, manufactured, engineered, structured and transported to the site to be bolted together. They are used for several purposes such as car sheds, aircraft hangars, multi-storeyed buildings, residential apartments, hospitals, portable cabins, parking lots and shopping complexes.

Prefabricated structural materials consist of steel structures such as columns, roof and purlins. The foundations of metal buildings have conventional concrete to support the entire structure.  Civil engineers working on a construction site prefer pre engineered buildings as it offers several advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Saves construction time and cost – The components used in metal buildings involve predetermined inventory. It is standardised using computer design programs. The custom software used during the design phase reduces considerable amount of time and increases the speed of construction. Pre engineered buildings use systems approach. This saves money during the design, manufacturing and drafting phase. Structural elements follow the design accurately, thus there is no scope of rework.
  • Expansion flexibility with quick erections – Structural changes are accepted at any time before the finalisation of a unit. It can be easily expanded in width, height and length. Clients can instruct civil engineers to include additional bays. Pre engineered buildings manufacturer makes all elements ready at factories. The installation and bolting is done on site. Therefore, it becomes very easy for workers to transport the ready structure and erect the same on the construction site.
  • Light in weight with assured quality– Metal buildings structured in factories are light in weight as compared to conventional steel structures. This makes transportation convenient. Pre engineered building manufacturers ensure there is no compromise on quality. The design and construction goes through several stages of approval before being finalised. There is no compromise on quality, assuring complete quality control.
  • Low maintenance and versatile construction – Metal buildings use high quality paint that are corrosion resistant. Such structures have to suit different weather conditions. The paints ensure durability and reduced maintenance costs. Pre engineered buildings allow civil engineers and architects to increase their scope of imagination. It accepts various creative designs to be incorporated in the final structure.


  • Customised structures – Customised structures work for a variety of clients. It increases the scope of visualisation and targets clients from varied fields. Different aesthetic features and functionalities can be added to the building. It allows clients to envision the structure perfectly with efficient design considerations.

Customers often look for true value of the product. After sales service speak a lot about the company. PEB structure manufacturers in Raipur constantly strive to deliver best quality metal buildings. Installation and customisation is made easy for workers to carry the final structure to the actual site. It is believed that such structures save up to 50% on material costs and time involved in construction.

Pre engineered buildings are considered to be the safest option as they are resistant to rust, fire, corrosion, snow, rain and sun. It endures harsh weather conditions without compromising the quality of the structure. Clients can incorporate different features such as curtain wall, blocks and colours to match different styles. They are eco-friendly and energy efficient. The roofing has insulations easy to cool and heat as required.

Designs of pre engineered buildings are meticulously planned that leaves no room for errors. It is one of the crucial aspects in PEB construction. As most of the work is done in the factory, it uses less manpower on site.

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