Signs that Let you Know it?s Time to Replace your Water Heater

Posted by Olivia Morgon on December 7th, 2018

Water heater replacement Marietta could be expensive and for that reason, people just put it off longer than they should. Well, not replacing your water heater could be potentially harmful and can also end up costing more. Broken water heaters are the main cause of damage and flooding to your house; hence it is essential to know when the moment has come to replace your water heater.

  • Notice a leak:In case you notice that your tank is leaking, then you should try to understand from where it is actually leaking. At times a leak is repairable; however, if you fail to find the actual source, then it is time to hire a plumbing company Marietta. If your tank is older than seven years or so, you might have a leak in a joint or in a steel thread. These components can never be fixed.
  • Water won’t drain:Hot water tank needs maintenance on a regular basis and part of that should comprise draining the tank totally once a year. This would help in removing the sediment, which settles right at the bottom of the tank. Unluckily, people overlook this until it is late.
  • Water doesn’t get hot:Do you feel that the water isn’t getting hot as it used to get? It might not be just your imagination. While tanks are not properly maintained, corrosion develops on the internal components. And this results in the dip tube and electrical elements to become covered and the gas valve gets overworked. And as an outcome, the unit won’t heat in a proper way.

Call an expert:
It could be tough to determine whether water heater replacement is your ideal option or not. Making a wrong decision can cause more complications. So, in case you have any kind of doubt, it is better to consult Marine Plumbing Service, Inc. as theyare professionals and they will help you to make an educated, informed decision.

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