The Ultimate Guide To Fill Up Paper Immigration Form For Canada

Posted by WVP International on December 7th, 2018

Canada is a dreamland for most of the people who like to dream big. The land of the maple tree is waiting with a plethora of opportunities to explore. The country has a huge demand for qualified and trained workers as many industries are facing huge shortcoming of manpower. The Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi has experienced people's preference to immigrant to Canada. To apply for immigration in this diverse and economically stable country, one must know the ways. You need to have a prior appointment for the Biometric Enrolment at the respective Canada Visa Application Centers.

How to submit a paper application for immigration for Canada?

The Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi always suggests to read carefully the requirements of the process from the official website. You have to download the suitable application forms for the purpose of your visit. Don't forget to check the 'Prepare your Application' web page to get the details.

Now you have to fill up the application form carefully. Make sure that the form is printed on high quality, white and non-glossy paper and the bar code is clearly visible. If you are not sure how to fill up the form, then you can visit Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi for assistance. You have to enter only accurate and verified data to avoid any kind of delay or cancellation. Put extra attention to the spelling and make sure that all the data and spelling are matched with the documents.

After filling up the form successfully, you have to arrange the required documents carefully. As every application form must be supported with a different set of documents, you should be aware of the number and category of prescribed documents for the particular form. If you don't have any particular document listed on the website, you have to fill and duly sign the waiver form and then attach it with the application form. Unfortunately, sometimes, the incident of the missing document can cause delay or even cancellation of the application. According to the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi, it is better to arrange the documents in proper sequences which will make the work of immigration officer easier.

In the later stage, you have to pay the visa fees to the Government of Canada along with the biometric fees from the official website itself. If you are facing any difficulty, then you can visit the Best Immigration Consultant In Delhi to help you with the payment procedure.

At the final stage, you have to visit the nearest Canada Visa Application Center with the application form, receipt of successful payment, passport, photograph and all the required documents as per the prior appointment.

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