Making The Right Choice For Taxi At Heathrow Airport

Posted by Ishaq Dough on December 8th, 2018

When you go to a foreign country, the problem is that you understand a wise idea from a bad idea. I hope that this will be made easier by explaining a few simple rules on obtaining a licensed taxi before leaving home.

• Make sure the taxi company is licensed
• Make sure you have a confirmed price
• Make sure you have their contact details
• Make sure your return is arranged

Licensed Taxis

All taxis in the United Kingdom must be licensed by a local authority and thus carry out drivers for safety and security. When booking by telephone, be sure to ask or check Croydon Cars website for more information about the fact that they are truly licensed. Only a few unauthorized taxis would even consider using a website, so it is quite likely that they are licensed if they have their own website, which does not necessarily mean that you are in a directory carrying a lot of companies, but a website that only serves them. Your final check can still be carried out after you have arrived simply by verifying that the car has a plate or badge naming the licensing authority and identifying the car, in case you are unsure that you ask the motorist to tell you that all licensed taxis in the United Kingdom have to display this information legally. The driver must also have an identification badge showing who he or she is who should be of the same authority because of the vehicle licence.

Confirmed Price

When you make a reservation, it is really important to accept a cost and have it confirmed by e- mail when possible. UK law states that this is really binding as long as a cost is agreed before the journey, but be careful! Check for quotes from several sources as they may vary dramatically as long as you agree to the quote. They may charge whatever they like! The sensible rule is rarely the least expensive to choose, because the saying goes when it sounds too good to be real; obviously the same applies to the highest price, because it is only a complete waste. You must also ensure that your price includes all parking charges and time charges for collection at the airport, as many companies do not mention this to their customers because they think that you may not book when they let you know the real cost.

Have Their Own Details

Make sure you have a note of the details, as you may have to contact them when you arrive in the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons, such as baggage delay, immigration delay or simply that you are a bit lost. You also have to try to make sure that you have your mobile phone number just in case you have to call you and make sure that you switch it on whenever you land while you don't want to visit all this difficulty of organizing a safe, licensed taxi that you can't find.

Arrange Your Return

It is always advisable to arrange your return trip to the airport whenever you arrive, as if you have a problem with getting a safe, licensed and insured taxi that you will surely show your best to get the same safety when you return to the airport for your flight home.
I hope that you have found these usage details and that you have to have a pleasant arrival and departure from your UK when you follow these simple rules.
Getting the right airport taxi service is the perfect way to reduce stress on your trip.

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