How to fix Dell inspiron wont turn on?

Posted by Lordmark on December 8th, 2018

As always, we can show that the problem is actually using the deductive troubleshooting method so that we can try to prepare a solution that can fix this problem for good and bring your laptop back into life. Would have been Do not worry, the steps to deal with the problem of a laptop that does not turn out are simple and practical. You do not need expert knowledge to follow them and easy way to read dell inspiron wont turn on.

The purpose of this step is to make sure that you do not have laptop signs of physical damage or liquid spraying. If your Dell Inspiron is not waterproof then liquid can find its way in any type of it and when this happens. If your dell inspiron 15 wont turn on so you can read steps. You already know that the next comes when water meets electricity. So if there is an example that a glass of water was dropped near your laptop and this problem is that soon after, then it is possible your computer has liquid damage through the water keyboard and ports in your laptop can enter.

Some Steps for fix Dell inspiron wont turn on

Step 1: Perform a visual inspection

  • Your Inspiron is also vulnerable to drops and other physical effects. If it has been dropped and this problem has arisen, then it is clear whether this is the cause of the problem.
  • Either your phone has physical or liquid damage; you need help from a technician to bring the machine back to life. But then obviously, physical and liquid losses are often not covered by warranty, then you can read step for dell inspiron wont turn on.
  • But assuming their laptops do not show any signs of physical and liquid damage.

Step 2: Try charging your Dell Inspiron to know how it reacts

The hardware components of your laptop are all fine, so it should be charging when you connect it to the charger. The operating system generally does not interfere with the charging process especially if the laptop is not operated. So, after a visual inspection and you are sure that your machine is not suffering from liquid loss, then you should try to charge it:

  • Plug the adapter for a functioning wall outlet.
  • If you face issue dell inspiron 15 wont turn on so you can contact dell support number.
  • Connect to the other end of the AC adapter for your laptop.
  • LED indicator moment you should be lit charging it.
  • If the screen does not start immediately, it means the batteries were all hollow out. You give the laptop a few minutes to charge it before trying to turn it on.
  • If this does not charge, however, you should check for symptoms of AC adapter damage. It uses a different charger from the other laptops, so if you think it is an issue with the charger, go to the shop and the technique is not right to go check for you.

Step 3: Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds

  • For at least ten seconds, hold down the charging power button to see if it is turned on after giving enough time for your Inspiron. If so, the problem is solved at this point, otherwise, you should decide to get into the technique.

Why won t my dell laptop turn on

  • I understand that some of you might think of opening a laptop with yourself, that's OK; we're discouraged that especially if your machine is new and still has a warranty. By removing the screws, you have already invalidated the warranty and if you are not actually using laptop fixing, you present a bigger threat to fix the problem rather than harm it.
  • By the way, just before you bring it to the store, try removing it if you’re Dell Inspiron. You can remove battery and then holding the power button for at least 30 seconds. While the laptop is not connected to the charger, do so. After this, press the power button again to connect to your charger and then try to turn it on by charging its charger.
  • Tell about the technology you have done so far and for what could be the cause of the problem. It is always very useful for our technicians, so the owners have provided us more information about the problem and you can follow the step for Dell inspiron wont turn on.

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