Pros and Cons of 510 oil cartridge vape pens

Posted by Mich Filson on December 9th, 2018

In a recent study it was found out that vape cartridges are one of the fastest growing sectors of the cannabis industry? The sales growth is up to 400% and many people are now switching to the oil cartridge pen. The 510 oil cartridge vape pen models have pros and cons, and depending on individual users, one may end up noticing that the pros outweigh the cons.


1) Discretion: Oil cartridge vape pens allows you to smoke discretely, some people call it “ninja smoking”. The ability to remain discreet is attributed to the portability of these vape pens. It can be easily slide into pockets, female bags and backpacks. Also you do not need to have any additional tool in order to smoke, your vape pen is enough.  Also it can be used anywhere because it does not generate excess smoke.

2) Longevity: Oil cartridge vape pens stay stronger and longer than flower buds or even dry herbs. With other ones like the flower buds, you end up carbonizing a more than what you need for a single smoke. But with the 510 oil cartridge vape pen, you will only vaporize the puff you inhale while the remaining oil stays in the cartridge. This enables it to last longer than other forms.

3) Consistency: As time goes on, the effects and potency of dry herbs and flowers will start to diminish.They will no longer be as potent as they used to be when you first loaded it in the pen. But that does not happen with oil cartridges, with oil vape pens, the potency and effects are the same from start to finish.

4) Variety: Oil cartridge vape pens have variety. Normally with flower buds, you have to search for new strains and try to diversify. But cartridges are pre-packed in strain-specific varieties, this way all you do is choose the strain you want and you are good to go.

5) Cost: The oil cartridge vape pens are affordable, you can get a good quality one at and below. Most of these pens have batteries and the batteries are replaced from time to time, the batteries cost about while the cartridge cost . But comparing it with other forms, you will see that it is cost effective.


1) Faulty Electronics: This is not the case for all models, however some models of oil cartridge vape pens usually develop electrical faults. However the better brands are usually more consistent

2) Poor vapor production: This also depends on the model of cartridge you procure, some of them do not produce vapor properly, and this could happen to you. But when it does the best thing to do is to replace the cartridge.

3) Additives: Many cartridge producers contain additives like propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. However there are some cartridge producers that now make all natural products but they are not as many as those who use additives.

In conclusion using a 510 oil cartridge is a good thing, as you can see the pros are more than the con, so if you are considering getting one, it is not a bad choice.

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