What is hookah? What are Various Hookah accessories?

Posted by john roone on December 10th, 2018

When you think of buying a hookah or its accessories online you need to know what all accessories and hookah parts are available in the market, how these all should be assembled and more. Given here are a quick look about hookah and various accessories….

What are the Hookah accessories available in the market?

Hookah hoses, hookah bowls, hookah tongs, hookah brushes, hookah trays, wind covers, hookah gaskets, plastic tips, replacement vases are the hookah accessories available in the market. You can buy hookah accessories online.

What exactly is hookah and how it works?

Hookah setup has a vase in the bottom all filled up with water that can submerge the down stem completely. The bowl of hookah is covered completely with a metal screen or a perforated foil sheet. Hot burning coals are then placed on the top of the metal screen that causes tobacco in the bowl to get heat up.

What is the valve on a hookah meant for?

On a hookah one is the hose port and the other is the purge valve. The purge valve is an exit-only valve which is used to clear any smoke trapped in the base of hookah. Purge valve gets engaged when smoker blows air while smoking.

How is how prepared for smoking?

Hookah smoking is a thoroughly enjoyable activity. However, most of the people do not know how to prepare hookah. To prepare hookah, shisha is to be stirred first, then the shisha is broken and placed in the bowl. To smoke hookah stir the shisha, break up the shisha and place this hookah part in a bowl, cover it with a heavy-duty foil, place the bowl on top of the hookah shaft and poke the holes through the foil. Light 2 or 3 coals and transfer these coals to the metal foil and begin smoking. You can buy hookah parts online.

Is Hookah Safer than tobacco smoking?

Hookah smoking is somewhat better than cigarette smoking. Also known by the names of goza, shisha and narghile, hookah is a sort of water pipe with a smoke chamber, a pipe and a hose. Specially made tobacco is filled in the hookah and when the tobacco is heated, the smoke passes through the water and then it drawn all through the rubber hose to the mouth of smoker.

How much water should be filled in a hookah?

Hookah is to assembled with absolutely no water at the base. The bottom of hookah is to be submerged between 1-2 inches into water. 

Cleaning hookah is easy. All you need to do is to run hot water through its metal stem, wet the stem and brush it regularly. You can buy slim and sleek torch lighters online also to light up your pipes and cigars whenever you need.

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