Five Tips for Outsourcing the Development of Mobile Applications

Posted by Madison on December 10th, 2018

Users increasingly have more experience in the use of mobile applications, so the media and advertising agencies are integrating their own applications in their companies. The user looks at his iPhone and wants to quickly access online information and wants to know in a privileged way any type of information that is interesting for them. Therefore, the use of this type of platforms is very important and they quickly deliver the service or information to the user.

So, you must externalize and subcontract the development of mobile applications as soon as possible. Hence, outsourcing the development of mobile applications is already a reality and a necessity. (I’ve used a nice company named Inventive Byte for my couple of projects and I recommend them for your new app development project)

Let's see five tips to ensure that the company you hired to develop a mobile application for iPhone or Android is correct. Let’s have a look.

Tip # 1. Check the applications previously developed

- The quality and complexity of other applications in the App-store are a good indicator of the skills of an application development team for the iPhone.

- Download the application and play with it a bit, see if you can use them easily.

- The handling time of the application is important, that is not slow in its use, nor is it blocked. The design must be considered and it must be pleasant in its different functions.

Tip # 2. Ask about the type of control of the version and the follow up that is done

- Never work with a company or a consultant who does not use version control and does not follow up on any possible problems the application may have.

- Version control is a technology used by developers to track and integrate changes in their code.

- Not having this type of control will cause the application to have a lot of errors when accessing it and it can be uncomfortable and slow not having this kind of support.

Tip # 3. Think carefully what kind of platform is right for you

- Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and computing units, such as laptops and desktops, have different requirements and software development procedures.

- Online applications can cut some curves, and certain advantages and disadvantages must be considered.

- You should investigate what kind of platform is appropriate to your needs and have an idea of how the application can help you with your iPhone for your use. The development of each platform is very different and you should be clear about this point.

Tip # 4. Consider the possibility of long-term technical support

- Both Apple and Google, the main representatives in the mobile device market, publish updates of their operating systems quite frequently.

- Applications need to be updated over time. You must bear in mind that the technology is constantly evolving and the development of applications improve day by day, they are going faster and easier to use.

- If you do not update, the applications will become obsolete and outdated and even if you do not update it may stop working.

Consider this issue when transcribing contracts.

Tip # 5. Commit to important decisions

- The development of iPhone applications is usually done in an agile way, but the changing requirements often mean that the application itself will be designed to accommodate the frequent changes that occur and constant improvement.

- With the development of original mobile applications, you have to run the same application several times to run on various operating systems. But because the original applications can take advantage of the characteristics of a device, companies usually take this option.

- Thus, the development of mobile applications on web-based platforms such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript is often lighter and cheaper, and developers only have to run an application that is performed on several mobile platforms.

Web-based applications do not take advantage of device features in the way native applications do.

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