Car Battery Keeps Dying

Posted by Lara Bolt on December 10th, 2018

If your car battery keeps dying then you should be exactly aware of how long should a car battery last. A car battery keeps dying means car keeps dying, it is just because your car battery is the most important and said to be a heart of your car. If a battery of your car isn’t in optimal condition then your car takes a lot of time to start and sometime it won’t able to start at all. So there is a need to know why a car battery keeps dying and how long the car battery last. When you come to know how long should a car battery last then it is easy to maintain your battery lifespan, that’s too good if you aware from such conditions. In fact, it is the most common scenario that most of the car owners asked that my car battery keeps dying or why does my car battery keep dying?  When you notice some fault, then you ought to disconnecting car battery immediately. If you don’t disconnect car battery then it may harmful for battery. You are extremely responsible if your car battery keeps dying routine wise, because being a car owner, your prior responsibility to take care of each and everything in your car. Furthermore, here you come to know how long should a car battery last and why a car battery keeps dying.

How long should a car battery last and what you can do?

How long should a car battery last? There is not an exact assumption behind this, even the most experienced mechanics don’t know the exact time. You don’t know about this electric component failure until something goes wrong. Fortunately, different companies recommended accurate estimates while you purchasing a new battery. But you can increase car battery life by checking out the fault, other issues that irritate you while driving and you should be a focus on the regular maintenance of your car components, especially car battery, as it is a heart of your vehicle.

Car Battery Keeps Dying:

There are some reasons below:

Old Battery:

Typically, a car battery is useful approximately for 2 years, and you ought to change the car battery every 2 or 2 ½ years. By doing this, you will increase a car lifespan.

Faulty Alternator:

Keep in mind that if you connected a new battery with your car and it remains weak then you ought to visit a mechanic or expert, asked him to check out the alternator or replace it.

Multiple Short Drives:

The most important or prior thing is that you should avoid multiple short drives because it does more harm than good for your car battery.

Extreme Hot and Cold Temperatures:

This is true that extremely hot and cold temperature is quite harmful to all car batteries.

Parasitic Drain

To examine extreme parasitic drains, you should visit mechanics. Because small parasitic drains are said to be normal and extreme is quite harm your car battery.

Loose Battery Cables

You should check the battery connections, these connections should be tight. Check out that the terminals of the battery and should make it free from a dirt and acidic corrosion.

Human Error:

There are several human errors:

  • Leaving the headlights on
  • Leaving the radio on
  • Leaving the trunk open will discharge your car battery
  • Before leaving the car, you ought to make sure that all the car accessories are turned off or not.

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