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Importance of Using Switchable Privacy Glass in Health Care Units

Posted by gauzyusa on December 10th, 2018

A switchable privacy glasschanges light transmission when light, heat or voltage is applied to it. It is an ideal option for a wide applications in any healthcare unit and is usually installed in operating theatres, treatment rooms, research labs, patient rooms or even meeting rooms.

Whether it’s a small nursing home, a private clinic or a full-fledged hospital, switchable privacy glasspanels are playing vital role in creating clean and hygiene environment in a healthcare facility. There are many advantages of using them for covering up windows in healthcare units. Some of them are discussed as follows:

  • Switchable glassoffers better privacy in a health care clinic. As these glass panels can be easily changed from clear to opaque, one can adjust it as per the privacy requirement of the patient. These are considered better alternative to curtains and blinds.
  • Hygiene is of utmost importance in any medical care facility as glass is easy to clean, it is considered more hygienic option than curtains and blinds. Harmful germs and bacteria can easily gather on the surface of curtains and blinds and they are more difficult to clean than glass panels that need to be just wiped with a soft cloth. Switchable privacy glass helps in creating much hygienic and healthier environment in any healthcare facility.
  • It helps staff to keep eye on patients without even entering the patient’s ward or isolation unit. It reduces the risk of contamination to staff members as well as other patients.
  • As switchable privacy glassplays an effective role in creating clean environment, they help in improving patient recovery time and general wellbeing of the patients.
  • Switchable glass usually prevent ultraviolet light that protects the skin as well as protect the furniture from effects of UV rays over it. They create right balance between necessity and style.
  • Privacy glass is also useful in eliminating window clutter. There is no need for blinds and shades. It helps in saving money and overall operative cost of any healthcare unit.

Switchable privacy glass is usually costlier than normal glass, however, it is a worth investment for any healthcare unit. It is nowadays popularly used in health care units to help combat lighting concerns. They have power to control transparency as well as heat transmission and are nowadays used in many innovative ways by all kinds and sizes of healthcare units.

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