Ladder Safety Tips In The Workplace

Posted by Anna Haris on December 10th, 2018

The highest number of ladder injuries are reported in December and January collectively than any other time of the year. As it is Festival season the usage of ladder increases rapidly during this months. Hanging and taking down Christmas decorations using ladders without proper training and awareness can increase the number of accidents in the worksite. The number of untrained or inexperienced ladder work platform users skyrockets over the holidays. Ladder safety is vital to every worker or anyone who use the ladder in the workplace.

Tips for Ladder Safety in the Workplace:

  • Always read and follow all the instructions and labels/markings on the ladder before the task to be done.
  • Check electrical connection and make sure that you are working in a safe environment to avoid electrical hazards while using the ladder. Always look for overhead power lines before handling a ladder. Avoid using a ladder made up of metal near power lines or exposed energized electrical equipment.
  • Do not forget to inspect the ladder prior to using it. If the ladder is damaged, displace it from service until repaired or discarded.
  • Always try to maintain or keep the three-point (two hands and a foot, or two feet and a hand) contact on the ladder when climbing. Hold your body near the middle of the step, and always face the ladder while climbing.
  • Only use ladders and appropriate accessories for their created purposes.
  • Always clean the ladder and make it free of any slippery material on the rungs, steps, or feet.
  • Do not use a self-supporting ladder like step ladder as a single ladder or in a partially closed position.
  • Do not use the top step of a ladder as a step to hold your leg unless it was designed for that purpose.
  • Use a ladder only on a level surface and make sure that it is stable and well supported on the floor, unless it has been secured (top or bottom) to prevent displacement.
  • Do not place a ladder on objects like boxes, barrels, or other unstable bases to obtain additional height. It will cause the ladder to slip easily.
  • Always check the ladder before, do not move or shift a ladder while a person or equipment is on the ladder.
  • A straight ladder used to access an elevated surface must reach at least three feet above the point of support.
  • A ladder set in any location where it can be replaced by other work exercises must be secured to prevent displacement, or build a barricade to keep traffic away from the ladder.
  • Be sure that all locks on an extension ladder are properly joined.
  • Do not exceed the highest load rating of a ladder. Be aware of the ladder’s load rating and of the weight it is supporting, including the weight of any tools or devices.

It should be obvious to any business or small business that becoming your employees healthy and working is superior to having them injured and convalescing or, potentially, making injury claims against you. The key to avoiding these unlucky situations is to perform proper Ladder Safety Training in your workplace and then ensure that your employees participate in it and take its lessons seriously.

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