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Plastics are synthetically produced non-metallic compounds. It can be molded into various forms and hardened for commercial use. Plastic molded articles are everywhere. Examples are cans, protective caps, plastic tubes, handles, toys, bottles, boxes, accessories, kitchen utensils, and the like.
Even the keyboard and mouse you use are made of plastic. Even the plastic part of the chair you are sitting in is made this way.
If you are planning to enter the plastics molding industry, you should first understand the different processes. Choose from plastic molding processes that match your budget, expertise and resources. The following are the basic definitions of various plastic molding methods.
Plastic molding process:
1. Injection molding method
In injection molding, molten plastic is pressed into the mold cavity. Once cooled, the Pet Preform Mould can be removed. This plastic molding process is often used for mass production or prototyping of products. The injection molding machine was built in the 1930s. These machines can be used to mass produce toys, kitchen utensils, bottle caps and cell phone holders.
2. Blow molding
Blow molding is like injection molding, except that the hot liquid plastic is poured vertically from the barrel in the molten tube. The mold is closed thereon and forced outward to conform to the internal shape of the mold. When cooled, a hollow portion is formed. Examples of blow molded articles are bottles, tubes and containers.
The equipment needed to build a blow molding business is relatively higher than injection molding.
3. Die
In this plastic molding, a hard plastic block is pressed between two heated mold halves. Compression molding typically uses a vertical press instead of a horizontal press for injection molding and blow molding. The formed part is then cooled by air. Equipment for compression molding is affordable.
4. Film insert molding
This plastic molding technique embeds an image beneath the surface of the molded part. A material such as a film or fabric is inserted into the mold. Then inject the plastic.
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