How to Burns Calories

Posted by Chandni Pandey on December 11th, 2018

If you are one who is easy Vegan meals follower but some or the other occasion you need to compromise with your food and meals then for them I will help you with foods which contains calories and how much but I am also going to help you with exercise which you need to follow to burn that calorie. Each junk food contains a certain amount of Calories and if we keep avoiding that then there will be a day you will be a factory for Calories full of fats and as you know this all bring lots of health issue to your body. So the day it becomes worse at hard to burn all those calories why don’t we start looking and working on that from today. So today I am going to help you with food name and the number of calories contained in that food also I am going to help you with the idea to burn that junk food calorie. I will help you with Food name, Calories and Exercise requires to Burns that calories with time.

   Food Name                         Calories           Exercise                 

Full Cup Hot Cocoa               113                    Bicycling   for 25 mins or Walking 20 mins

Half Glass Red Wine             125                     Walking for 23 mins or   Shopping 82 minutes

One Tin Soda                             136                     Jumping   ropes for 11 mins or Walking 25 mins

One Glass Starbucks Iced 

Caramalmacchianto, Grande     230             Jogging for 16 mins or   Walking for 41 mins

Potato Chips 50 Grams                  160            Stair   Climbing for 173 mins or Walking 29 mins

Cream Cookies                                  160            Golfing for 27 minutes or   Walking 29 mins

Boul of Ice Cream                             286            Gardening   for 81 mins or Walking 52 mins

Medium Size BlueBerry Muffin     426         Aerobics for 52 mins or   Walking 77 mins

Slice of Pepperoni Pizza                    298        Raking   for 77 mins or Walking 54 mins

Table Spoons Hummus                     25           Stretching for 25 mins or   Walking 5 mins

Medium Fries                                       370          Vacuuming   for 26 mins or Walking 26 mins

Regular Banana                                  105            Dancing for 30 mins or   Walking 19 mins

So if you are on vacation and if you are running short with Plant-based meal plans and due to which you have to go for the above options then no need to worry, you can go to any option for your vacation as food is the main source for our body and if we don’t eat anything and feed to our body then you may fall week so If you are running short with options for Vegan food then you can go for regular foods but make sure you refer to the above chart once you are back from vacation to make sure you back in your shape and diet. So if you are on vacation if you are delaying your vacation because of few only options for your diet (Plant-Based) then no need to worry as you can 

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