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Posted by Shriram General Insurance on December 12th, 2018

Overseas travel insurance by Shriram General Insurance

Traveling is infinite! The eternal happiness that you get from traveling gives the motto to survive. Every traveler knows how it feels being a wanderlust. Until and unless you don't roam around every corner of the world, you can never understand how precious life is? It's good to be a traveler and an explorer, but a trip without travel insurance is somewhere not happening. Insuring an international trip is as important as wearing helmet while driving to your office. Safety should be taken as the basic necessity like others are.

If You Buy Overseas Travel Insurance Online with comprehensive coverage you will get complete protection during the trip. As you already know uncertainty can arise anytime without knocking doors. Therefore, it's the responsibility for every citizen to take care of him or herself and not to regret in the future. Buying travel insurance ultimately covers you against travel risks like stolen luggage, cancellation cover, and the unexpected medical expenses.

Buy travel insurance and get following covers -

Medical Expenses Cover: During the trip, if you encounter an accident you may have to face an urgent money crisis for medical expenses and requirements. Here if you have covered with overseas travel insurance online you don't need to worry about extended medical expenses.

Total Loss of Checked in Baggage: Most of the passengers face the same problem of luggage misplacement while traveling abroad. In this case, insurers help you with the compensation they offer. If you are covered with travel insurance policy.

Loss of Passport: Passport is one of the mandatory documents that you need to have while abroad trip. Still, there are several cases of passport missing comes out. People who are smart enough, they already have the protection of travel insurance which reimburses the loss.

Personal Accident: If you buy overseas travel insurance online you will get coverage for the personal accident too. You never know what can happen next, you might get injured because of an accident.

Financial Emergency Assistance: During the trip, you may suddenly strike about the insufficient balance and there you feel an urgent need for money.  Here travel insurance helps in overcoming this scarcity by providing Financial Emergency Assistance.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption: Most of the travelers face the problem of Trip cancellation. The cancellation charges are almost half of the ticket price. So, to get over it you must have to buy travel insurance then only you can be a smart traveler.

Travel Insurance Premium Calculator:

Most of the people don't take travel insurance seriously and that affects them during their trip. It's a common illusion that buying travel insurance online is expensive but that's not exactly true. It depends on the type of overseas travel you are planning.

It says, for how many days you are going for, what's the region or territory as well as the purpose of the trip that may be for leisure, education or business.

There are several general insurance companies in India offer insurance products all over the country. Shriram General Insurance provides the best travel insurance products like two wheeler insurance, car insurance, and overseas travel insurance online.

 Travel Insurance Online- Shriram General Insurance

You can easily visit site and calculate premium according to the type of your journey. Follow the simple and hassle-free steps like below -


Click on tab ''Travel''

Hit ''Buy Now'' button

Fill the basic details requires travel type, number of days, country type and more.

Ultimately you will be offered 3 travel packages, select one.

Fill up your basic details and then you will get your payment information and you are done and insured.

Final Words, here travel insurance helps in getting through the right way of protection for your international trip whenever you need. So, be ready to be a smart traveler Overseas Travel Insurance Online.

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