How important it is working with a digital agency?

Posted by pooja late on December 12th, 2018

Today, behind every successful company with an online presence is a successful digital agency. Digital agencies are like secret weapons and getting one is difficult. However, in this article, you will be advised to what to look out when searching for a good digital agency. If you are ready, let us begin!


Most times, the business owner, marketing director, or managing director, handles the marketing of a business. Irrespective of who is in charge of it, you will have to sit around a table with some digital folks, who will promise you the world. At this stage, you must allow your instincts and not be moved by the promises. Are they talking about real numbers? Are they real? Do they have a proven record of accomplishment? Are they looking for ways to sign you up and run away once the proposal is accepted? If you follow your instinct, you will know if they are real or not. You will know what they are capable of doing. Have you envision yourself spending hours on the phone talking to them or enjoying a cup of coffee over a monthly report.


Think about this, an account manager of a digital agency telling you all you need to hear. They are telling you of their previous clients and campaigns; promising you sensational results; however, are they the actual person to work on the online marketing campaigns? Though it is normal for such to happen, you must insist on meeting the team directly. These are the people you will be working with and not the account manager. Therefore, it is crucial to know and talk with those that matter especially those that will help you get the result you want.


Now you have chosen the agency you want, that’s great. You get an instant message whenever you contact them. The campaign at this point is swinging and you are expecting a great result at the end of the month. Well, don’t be too optimistic because seven out of ten companies have never met with their digital agency. Out of these, only three agencies have taken the time to talk with their digital team to the client’s premises.


The alignment of two companies in a supplier/client relationship always comes from the understanding of the company – the people working together from each camp and the relationship they forge together. This must be harmonious, strong, and withstand the test of time. It is useless if the client’s idea is different from that of the agency. However, both team must work together and listen to one another.


Once both teams work together, trust is easily built. If you’re handing over hundreds or thousands of pounds of online marketing spend for PPC campaigns, or in some cases tens of thousands of pounds a month as we look after then you really must trust the agency you’re working with. Now, sometimes your agency will have to use spend to test campaigns that ultimately don’t work or don’t work as well as others, but a good agency will minimize the damage of this financially to you.

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Frederick Neil in this article looks at how important to work with the digital agency. He further expounds on some things to look at when working with such digital agency.

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