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Posted by NJ Online Casino on December 12th, 2018

Newcomers and those who do not want to complicate learning to play poker will appreciate its simplicity , as well as those who are not fans of the sport but want to bet. America's Top Casions are a good choice for all types of casino players.

Throughout this article we will reveal tactics and strategies for which the most recognized players bet , and we will uncover important keys like the movements that you should never do if you do not want to stay at zero. We do not pretend to deny the saying "the bank always wins", but we do want to give you tricks that will help you gain ground .


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When you access the portal of the main operators in Spanish and licensed (from William Hill to Bwin through Titanbet or Suertia ) you will see that the vast majority of them have a NJ Online Casino section . Remember that you can play without downloading programs ! You will simply have to register as a new user if you do not have a personal account yet. And is that even for those who prefer poker or betting, the games included in this section are very attractive. In this article we will mention the two that cause the most furor among Internet users:


The number one casino par excellence. Who has not despaired to see that the ball hardly collaborates in our plays?

Playing roulette online has been at the level of physical experience that until recently only existed in NJ Online Casino: the quality of graphics, the sense of reality, and especially the social dimension of online roulette games, They have made this the most convenient option for those who do not want to put on their good shoes to bet their money.



If you thought that casino was synonymous with chance, you were wrong: unlike roulette, Blackjack is a strategy game : mastering it takes effort and a lot of practice, and although there are professional players who say they rely solely on luck, the truth is that most of them recognize having studied the rules of the game and possible plays in each situation.

Below we show you one of the oldest and most popular methods of casino strategy, valid for both roulette and Blackjack: the martingale .




Martingale is a betting tactic in which we will increase the amount of money wagered exponentially to cover our losses ; that is: if in our first round we bet € 10 on a game of Blackjack or roulette and lose them, on the next move we will bet € 20, so that if we win, we will recover the € 10 lost previously plus a plus. And if we lose? We must continue doubling the amount bet , so that at the time we win the bet, all previous losses are covered.

We give you an example of a game by putting the martingale into electronic roulette:


  • € 10 wagered: if we win, we pocket € 20; if we lose, we have -10 €

  • € 20 wagered: if we win: € 40 - € 10 we lost before - € 20 wagered = € 10 won. If we lose, -30 €

  • € 40 wagered: if we win: € 80 - € 10 - € 20 - € 40 = € 10 won. If we lose, -70 €

And so we will continue betting, always doubling the amount played to cover the previous losses . By following this method we trust that there are as many chances to lose as to win, and therefore losing a long series of consecutive plays would be very bad luck. The goal is to not stop playing until we win once , and thus recover everything we lost previously.


Is the martingale in Blackjack and roulette safe? Although both professionals and beginners use it as the basis of game strategy, from Code-bonus we do not recommend that you get carried away by the illusion of recovering everything lost , because it can turn against you very easily . Why? Do not miss these important points:

Many casinos (online and physical) seek to avoid this method, and for this they put a bet limit : if you reach that value and accumulate losses, you will not be able to double it, and these will be irretrievable.

Although in the eyes of the player it may seem strange that the same color or odd / even value comes out repeatedly in electronic or physical roulette, the fact is that it is quite common. If you always choose the same values ​​because you think that at some point they will come out, beware, it is possible that the streak is against you during the whole play and at one point you do not have more money to bet.

You will hardly get rich with this method: the profit margin is constant: if you bet € 10, as in the previous example, after a big loss you can only win those € 10, and so on. Earnings will only amount to the amount you initially bet.


The name of this method comes from the name of the inhabitants of the French town of Martigues, who throughout history were reputed to be simple and naive. And is that the martingale is based on a mathematical hope that leads the player to ruin : thanks to the existence of this method of betting is shown that there are no infallible game strategies , and that both the values ​​we receive in the cards in Blackjack as those who choose the metallic sphere in roulette are totally random.



Regular players who know the rules of the game well will also know which choices increase the chances of winning . As we have said before, in this game chance is only present in the distribution of the cards, the rest can be studied:

To be able to cut advantage with the house, whether we are in a physical play or on an online casino platform, we must play each hand in a unique way , that is, to procure in one way or another according to the cards that we have played. How?

  • Hard hand : if our cards total 12 or less

  • Soft hand : if the sum of our cards can be lowered by 10 because we have an ace

  • Double hand : if the first two cards we have are the same


Once the rules of the game are understood and the basic strategy is mastered, we have the pillar of counting tactics . This method to increase the chances of winning is based on the claim that the low cards (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) are favorable for the croupier or the online casino house and the highs (10, J, Q, K and as) favor the player .

Once this premise is understood, the player will proceed to count the cards that appear on the board, to control how many high and low cards remain to appear . Thus, the more high cards are left to play, the more likely we are to win , and the more we must raise our bet. If, on the other hand, we expect a flooded game of small values, we will bet a small amount and focus our moves on securing to minimize losses.

How is it possible to memorize all the values ​​that appear on the table? Fortunately, the counting method has been studied and developed so that it is not necessary to memorize each one of the numbers that are happening, since in practice it would be impossible and would deconcentrate us from the plays. To count, we take the value +1 for all the small cards, and -1 for the highs, so that each passing round we have in mind a certain value that goes down and up .



If the value we have at a given moment in the game is very negative, we will know that most of the high cards have already come out. The probability of winning will therefore be lower, and we will tend to minimize the value of our bet and risk as little as possible. If the value is positive, we will proceed in the opposite way.



Do your homework ; do not get in front of the croupier or log in to your online casino operator header without having fixed a strategy before . This premise is valid both for the game tactics to be applied and for the maximum amount to bet. It goes without saying that before starting to play you must know the rules of the game.


Or the NJ Online Casino game will quickly turn against you . Instead of letting yourself get caught up in a good luck run and wanting to double your winnings, go little by little, or you will run the risk of finishing the game in a second and keep wanting more. It is true that winning is the ultimate goal, but you are where you are for the pleasure and excitement of the game: make it last!


If there is a golden rule in online casino games or physical establishment is this: "Mathematics always takes the win . " If you let yourself be carried away by your instinct or intuition, you are lost, and the house knows it. We are facing one of the main reasons why the operator-almost-always wins: plays automatically and calculates the movements in a cold and objective manner. We recommend that you take an example.

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