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Posted by feng shuiis on December 13th, 2018

Your home and personal space are what that you retreat to, after a day’s hard work, and hence it should be one place that should be full of harmony, peace and tranquility. But sometimes due to various arrangements that we have of things in our interior space becomes a barrier to the harmony that we desire the most.

Thus, Interior design feng shui comes in then, to help you with the mis arrangements of things in your surroundings so that there is peace, harmony, health restored.

The art of feng shui is basically referred to as the art of placement or arranging things in a way so as the energy or chi has got an unhindered flow. According to feng shui, there are two kinds of energy which are shi chi or the positive energy and sha chi which is negative energy. The energy that is positive, is definitely the that helps you prosper in health, relationships because that is what your interior space is all for but the sha chi will have a negative impact on your life.

Interior design feng shui brings to you the very important and desired tips that will make your interior space pro energy.

Because feng shui is all about the art of placement so that your place becomes the most energy friendly and inviting and so that you return to a space that is inviting and provides you peace.

With Interior design feng shui, you get to know about the ways that you can achieve a balance and harmony in your life.

  • Put your bed in power position and also put the book case in the hall: your bed at a position from where, you can view much of your room because that keeps you in the position of power. Keeping the bok case in the all will attract the energy and promote learning.

  • The curtains should be open, so that the light and air can flow in and circulate. Also take care of the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen which is called the trinity according to interior design feng shui. If you get the feng shui interior design right in these three areas you will be in good stead for creating a positive energy flow through the entire interior space.

  • The book case or shelf should be placed at a proper space inside the hall because that will promote learning.

  • Keep the entry clear and fix any breakages: the entry is the place from where the energy enters your house, make sure that it is free of any clutter. Also fix any breakages that might be there so that the energy doesn’t flow out from those cracks and crevices.

Follow these tips so that your interior designs have the best potential to generate harmony, happiness and that which promotes growth and healthy relationships of the people living in that particular space.

Make sure to apply these Interior design feng shui tips so that nothing hinders the peace that you expect from your personal space.

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