Why are Blue Lodge Masonic Rings so Significant?

Posted by harryjoy on December 14th, 2018

No other Masonic regalia has managed to garner the attention that Masonic rings have been able to. Whether you talk about Blue Lodge Masonic rings or any other, each ring has a significance of its own and is worn to mark an important event or occasion.

The Masonic Blue Lodge ring is another name for the Master Mason ring. It is good to know information if you have just entered the world of Freemasonry or are still learning its unique concepts. While it used to take 7 years for a Freemason to get a Master Mason or Masonic Blue Lodge degree in the US before, the same is now awarded in just a few years.

The Blue Lodge Masonic ring is more precious for most Masons than the most important of rings they are going to wear to keep with them in their lifetime, including engagement and wedding rings. The importance that Masons give to Masonic rings is often quite hard to understand for people with other beliefs and inclination. That is because they don’t how things in Masonic world works.

Contrary to popular belief, not including Masons’, Masonic rings aren’t given to Masons by their respective Lodges all the time. They can also buy one for themselves from a fellow Mason’s store. Masonic Lodges only give rings to their members on two separate occasions . They are given to Masons who are able to complete the extremely tough degrees of the Scottish rite. Only those who have worked hard, have been actively involved, and have shown improvement with time are able to successfully complete the 14th and 33rd degrees. These are the only two rings that are are officially given by Masonic Lodges. All the other rings, as already mentioned, are bought by Masons themselves.

Masonic rings are amongst the most common jewelry items worn by Masons. Masons of today have no problem in showing their loyalty towards Freemasonry and its beliefs. Wearing Masonic rings is great way of showing that. It is a visual statement that is also going to help you connect with other Masons.

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