5 healthy ways to cook eggs

Posted by Kunal Kapur on December 14th, 2018

Eggs have always been the perennial favorites for serving in breakfasts. Not only are they easy to make and healthy, but also versatile, meaning that they can be cooked in a variety of ways depending upon individual tastes. Here are some of the healthiest ways to cook eggs:

  1. Hard Boiled: This has to be the easiest way to prepare eggs. The egg is cooked by filling a pot with boiled water and placing them inside for 10-12 minutes. To make the peeling easier, the egg is placed in ice cold water immediately after boiling.
  2. Hard Scrambled: These eggs are made by breaking the whites and the yolks and mixing them together and then cooking them all through. Another variant of the hard scrambled eggs is the soft scrambled, also known as “wet” eggs. Here the eggs are whipped and then poured into the pan after heating it to medium. The only difficulty with scrambled eggs is that they cook quickly.
  3. Omelets: Scrambled eggs cooked to a stabilized form and topped with cheese and vegetables (or even meat) makes an omelet. A popular variant of the omelet is the frittata. The difference between omelets and frittatas is that the latter is open-faced, whereas the former is folded into half.
  4. Sunny Side Up: This is so named because the yolk looks like a bright morning sun. The egg is cracked directly into the greased pan and fried till the edges turn brown. Flipping the egg will turn into what is called “over easy”. When served the egg remains runny to an extent.
  5. Poached:The egg white is cooked through and the yolk remains runny. There are a number of ways one can poach their eggs. One very popular method is known as the “Whirlpool”. Here, the water is heated and the eggs cracked into a bowl, after which the water in the pan is swirled and the eggs dropped into the center of the pan. An alternative way to cook poached eggs is by straining the egg to let the watery part of the egg whites drip out. The decanted egg is poured into water and cooked for 5-7 minutes. This method is known as the “Strainer”.

The moral of the story is that eggs are versatile and that there are different ways to cook eggs. And these were only five ways you can cook them. There are, in fact, more than 15 ways you can use them. You can also have eggs with other food items such as sandwiches and burgers with mayonnaise. Nutralite mayonnaise has a good taste and is made with the best materials and can be considered an egg dish’s best friend.

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