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The effect that music has on our perception is often overlooked, and it can be a decisive factor in how we view and shape our lives. Before we continue, head over here to download Davido songs.


The effect of music can go in different directions: it can motivate, sadden, make angry, recall memories and much more, but one thing is certain: it works!

Whenever you hear a song, whether in the car, on your mobile phone or live at the festival, your mind takes on the perspective of the lyrics!

This can be advantageous if the author of the lyrics is mentally in a life-affirming and content attitude.

However, if the singer is mentally unbalanced, his perspective will stain your mind as easily as positive music does.

How music can influence us through lyrics

Music has its effect above all on the part of our mind that associates sensory impressions with memories.

The moment we hear a lyric, this part of our mind automatically begins to record into our perception past experiences that it associates with what we hear.

Thus, this part of our mind creates a supposed confirmation of the content of the text, without distinguishing what that content might look like.

This is exactly where the greatest risk lies!

Flying high or crashing

If the songwriter of your choice is constantly singing about how wonderful life is and how much he appreciates and loves all living beings, everything is so far in order. This form of music brings your mind into a positive attitude towards life.

However, if the lyrics are about how unjust the world is and the singer is hostile to his fellow human beings, the effect changes abruptly.

Suddenly the artificially created dandelion meadow becomes a wildly burning inferno.

A longer-term effect

But with the end of the piece of music it is usually not enough, our subconscious has taken up the content and received a confirmation through the comparison with the memories.

If you have perhaps still nodded to the beat of the music, you have strengthened the subconscious effect a little more.

From this moment on, the piece of music you listened to joins childhood traumas, holiday experiences and the countless other impressions that your mind has absorbed so far and now subliminally determines your perception of this world.

Alternatives to mental manipulation

Whether a piece of music influences you by its lyrics now in the positive or negative is left to the discretion.

Every form of external influence should be viewed critically, as your perception should be determined by yourself.

One way to distance yourself from this foreign influence is to switch to music without text: If there is no text, your actual essence can simply listen, without the mind being permanently fed!

If nothing new is played in from the outside, you can perceive which contents your mind carries with it. Just by observing these contents, the power which they exert subliminally on your perception automatically decreases.

Now that you know what effect music lyrics have on your mind, it should at least be easy for you to distinguish which lyrics are good for you and which are not. If you are brave enough to face up to what you have collected spiritually so far, you will expand your music collection with some lyric-less songs and if you are really smart, you will also start meditating today. 

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